How Cayenne Pepper Supports Circulatory Health
For most people, mentions of cayenne pepper bring about ideas of spicy foods and possibly even their favorite recipes. However, cayenne pepper is also one of the most well-known herbal supplements for circulation. If you are all about finding natural...
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Herbal Supplements to Support Joints & Muscles
From sore muscles after a grueling workout to achy joints due to age and overuse, the human body can be prone to some musculoskeletal aches and pains. Thankfully, the natural world is chock-full of herbal supplements for muscles and joints—some...
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What Does Heal All Leaf Do?
When you come across certain herbal remedies available in an online supplement store like at Cedar Bear, some names naturally capture your curiosity. With a name like "heal all leaf," Prunella vulgaris is one of those natural herbal supplements hard...
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