Cedar Bear Technologies

Over a number of decades Cedar Bear has developed a number of proprietary and trade secret manufacturing & processing technologies as well as all of our unique and original category defining formula blend recipes. The following list shows those proprietary and trade-secret technologies with the first two being the most used Cedar Bear technologies for making our products.

TincTract process 

First developed over 35+ years ago by our founder, L. Carl Robinson, a clinical & formulary herbalist of many decades, this is the Cedar Bear original and first of its kind ever serialized multi-step manufacturing process for totally alcohol-free liquid herbs using glycerin instead of alcohol. The TincTract process is now entering its 11th generation of proprietary improvements and enhancements, evidenced by the stronger, more potent and higher quality products than of earlier generational iterations.

Pureodine process

This innovative and IP driven serialized manufacturing process for making our totally alcohol-free glycerite of mono-element triiodide of nascent iodine was developed in-house in 2007 by a talented team consisting of Cedar Bear founder L. Carl Robinson and co-developers with varying specialized backgrounds relevant to the development of this technology. The Pureodine process is now in its 8th generation of proprietary enhancements and improvements, making for the most stable and potent mono element triiodide of nascent iodine.