Wholesale Registration

We are looking for enthusiastic and outgoing business owners who are looking to add the Cedar Bear® products line to your client's offerings. Do you have a physical brick and motor store? Do you have your own virtual store website? If your answer is yes to one or both of these questions, then we want to hear from you!

To receive information from us regarding wholesale and practitioners support newsletters please fill out the form below. The wholesale newsletter will only be sent out to those who qualify to become one of our wholesale accounts. For those who are interested in becoming wholesale qualified, we will send our wholesale policies. We will review the information and set up an account once we process and approve your qualifications.

To Establish a Wholesale Account with Cedar Bear, each Account must supply the following:

  • Copy of your State Tax ID, & Business License. (Professional Licenses qualify.)
  • Copy of TC-721. ( No matter your location. ) Click here for TC-721 form.
  • Copy of State Tax Exempt Form.  ( If Exempt. )
  • Must have a business in natural health products and be purchasing for retail resale.

Cedar Bear reserves the right to decide if a company or individual is qualified or not for wholesale status.

We do NOT accept applications to sell on Amazon or Walmart.com.

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