6 Top Herbal Supplements for Pets


Your pet is a beloved member of your family. They share your happy times and comfort you on the difficult days. You naturally want to make sure they stay healthy and happy. You feed them the best food and provide the daily care that keeps your pets in their best health, but have you considered herbal supplements for pets?

Let’s face it, vet bills can be expensive. When we are diligent in making sure our pets get the necessary nutrients they need just as we do with ourselves, we help them live their best lives.

Using herbal supplements for pets is a safe, natural way to keep your pets at their healthiest, and at Cedar Bear, we have put careful research and premium ingredients into our supplements for pets – your pets. Our entire line of Cedar Bear Pets Natural Support for Dogs and Cats will help keep your pet happy and healthy.

Herbal Tinctures for Pets


You probably take tinctures for your own health needs, but did you know that herbal supplements aren’t just for humans? It’s true! There are natural supplements that are specifically designed to meet your pet’s unique nutritional needs. They promote overall wellness as well as support certain needs, just like supplements for humans do.

Using these specially formulated herbal supplements for your pet can help to ensure that they are in their best possible health. That is what our Cedar Bear Pets line does in the healthiest, most natural way.

Each of our herbal tinctures for pets offer support for areas such as joint health, coat health and digestive health, and even help with calming more sensitive animals. Each one is specially formulated to meet your pet’s specific needs in a way that is as close to nature as possible.

Doesn’t your pet deserve to be the healthiest it can be?

Pet Joint Supplement


Just as joint health is important for humans, it is also important for the four-legged members of your family. Joint health is a major consideration for pet owners, especially for larger breeds and older pets. Adding a pet joint supplement to your cat’s or dog’s daily routine can help boost overall joint health.

Pet’s Joyful Joints is our answer to your pet’s healthy joints. This 100% alcohol-free tincture contains herbal ingredients like black walnut hull, alfalfa leaf, fenugreek seed, cornsilk, yucca root, devil’s claw root, stinging nettle leaf, and horsetail herb that target the joints and connective tissue to support healthier, stronger joints and movement every day.

Pet Coat Care Supplement


You don’t have to own a show animal to be concerned with your pet’s coat. After all, an animal’s coat is a good indicator of its overall health. Providing solid nutritional support for your pet will show up in its coat.

Pet’s Coat Care works from the inside out to give your pet a coat that is shiny, soft, and supple. With ingredients like calendula flower, burdock root, lemon peel, dandelion root, anise seed, beet root, Oregon grape root, and sarsaparilla, your pet will reap the benefits of the tincture’s gentle cleansing properties of the liver and blood as well as better digestive health. The result is a healthier pet with a healthier immune system and a gorgeous, healthy coat.

Pet Digestive Supplements


Healthy digestion is an important part of your pet’s daily care. A good pet digestive supplement can help support a healthy digestive system. It’s just another way that Cedar Bear helps you love your pet.

Some cats and dogs just have sensitive tummies. And with certain breeds, it comes with the territory. But there are lots of things that can lead to stomach upset like changing foods, anxiety, or motion sickness. It is always a good idea to have a tummy calming tincture on hand to help.

Pet’s Queasy Ease by Cedar Bear helps to soothe upset, sensitive tummies with calming ginger and other soothing herbs like fennel seed and peppermint.

The other side of digestive health for your pet is the intestinal tract. Most dogs spend at least some time outside and that means they may pick up things that aren’t necessarily the best for them. Cats that are mousers can face the same issues. The result of intestinal invaders is often seen system-wide and can result in a miserable pet.

Our Pet’s Intestinal Cleanse targets your pet’s intestinal tract, encouraging the growth of beneficial flora which creates an uninhabitable environment for those unwanted invaders while improving digestive health. Gentian root, black walnut hull, clove bud, orange peel, European pennyroyal herb, tansy herb, lavender flower, and wormwood leaf and stem work to gently cleanse your pet's digestive tract, improving digestion.

It can also be used periodically for regular maintenance and to help boost digestive health. Your pet will feel better, and so will you when you know that you are doing your very best to help ensure they are healthy.

Pet Daily Supplement


All pets, regardless of their stage of life, require nutrients to help them stay strong and healthy. A good daily supplement helps to support the system-wide health of your pet, including bones, coat, teeth, skin, and overall wellness from the inside out. Unfortunately, most pet foods do not deliver enough of the minerals a cat or dog needs daily and many “pet vitamin supplements” contain fillers and other unwanted ingredients.

Pet’s Daily Needs is an all-natural pet supplement that provides health benefits for all ages and stages. Pregnant or nursing pets benefit as do the very young and those in the senior stages of life. It is safe for any age, providing the necessary nutritional support to help them stay healthy and strong. With yarrow leaf and flower, dill herb, alfalfa leaf, raspberry leaf, peppermint leaf, oat straw, chamomile flower, horsetail herb, and stinging nettle leaf you can be sure that your pet gets the health boost it needs.

Pet Calming Supplement


Anxiety and hyperactivity are common complaints of pet owners. Some breeds tend to be more high-strung than others, but any pet can experience temporary stress and anxiety from time to time. Loud noises, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, family gatherings, fireworks, moving, and even a trip to the vet can cause your pet anxiety.

Pet’s Calm Down helps to calm your stressed or overactive pet in a way that is safe and gentle. It’s even safe for nervous birds and exotic pets. It’s made with chamomile flower, English lavender, valerian root, passionflower leaf, hops strobile, and skullcap herb to ease tension and help relax the muscles while calming nerves and relaxing the heart rate. This allows your pet to calm down quickly and safely.

Better Pet Health Begins with Better Pet Health Supplements


At Cedar Bear, we love all our customers, whether they walk on two legs or four. Our herbal tinctures are all 100% alcohol-free and completely natural with minimal ingredients. Herbs, glycerin, and water are all you’ll find in our tinctures – nothing more, nothing less.

We create our tinctures using a special process called TincTract® which makes the herbs bio-available as well as bio-utilizable. This means that every single drop that your pet (or you) takes goes right to work to support better health and wellbeing. It is how we can create such great tasting herbal supplements that are alcohol-free. It’s also why they work so much better than other brands on the market.

Our natural supplements for pets are easy to use, just put the recommended dosage on a favorite treat, in your pet’s water, or directly on their tongue, whichever works best. You’ll love the ease of use, but you’ll love the results even more.

Doesn’t your pet deserve the very best in everything, especially when it comes to their health? We think so! And we’re committed to helping support and improve the health of every member of your family. So, try one (or all!) of our pet supplements today and see what a difference natural health support can make.