Iodine and Immune System

Iodine is incredibly important for the body. Did you know that in evolutionary biology it is deemed the original antioxidant that enabled the jump to higher forms of life? For sure, iodine was essential to the evolutionary development of warm blooded species and their thyroid glands.

Iodine is an "essential" mineral for human health and needs, meaning the human body does not make it's own iodine but must ingest it to get it.  

Iodine is the single most important mineral element to DNA synapses (the epicenter of chromosomal activity) from the start of meiosis, through fetal development and on through childhood and adulthood. It is the fuel that powers the thyroid, and thus all metabolic activity in the body.

Since the immune system relies on the proper functioning of the metabolism to stay strong, Iodine can be incredibly useful in helping to boost your immune system.

Cedar Bear® offers an amazing iodine supplement that is described as a 'glycerite of mono element of triiodide of 'nascent' iodine,' This means no other chemically reduced mineral element, as mineral salts, such as potassium, are used in the making of our iodine, only the mineral element of iodine is present in our iodine product.

Cedar Bear® Nascent Iodine, is an alcohol-free supplement that you can use to help introduce more iodine into your body. Cedar Bear has been working to provide high-quality liquid supplements to customers for over 35 years, and they have the expertise that they need to help you realize the power that natural herbs and minerals can have for you. Here’s a look at just how iodine can affect the immune system and how Cedar Bear's triiodide of iodine comes into play.

Metabolism and Immune System

The immune system is vital for your body to ward off harmful bacteria and viruses and control cells that are becoming destructive to the body. It is what helps prevent us from getting the flu when others around us are coughing. Your immune system depends on the body's thyroid-driven metabolism for the energy to fight off illness and dispose of dead cells. Without the proper fuel, it cannot provide a stable and reliable defense against illness. Your metabolism is regulated by hormones produced by the thyroid and throughout the body. Iodine is the thyroid’s fuel to create these hormones, and without proper amounts of it, the entire body can be negatively affected.

If the thyroid doesn’t get the iodine that it needs, it has to work harder to produce thyroid hormones, and it can cause swelling and inflammation that leads to a goiter and stoppage of thyroid hormone production. It is often thought that vitamin C is what you need for a healthy and strong immune system. While that is important, having balanced levels of other vitamins is important, but iodine is seen by many as being the most foundational to a strong healthy immune system.

Iodine is also great for providing direct immune system support. Iodine can potentially help with healthy cells and potentially keep the body free of toxins. It is thought that an environment rich in iodine is unable to host harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that make us sick, and it has been found that these microorganisms cannot adapt to this type of environment

Where Iodine is Found

Iodine is found naturally all over the world, in some soils, in the oceans and in deep earth deposits. Cedar Bear's raw iodine used in the making of its nascent iodine is from mined deep earth sources that, unlike ocean-sourced iodine, have been protected for eons against surface contamination and modern pollutants.

While it may be possible to get enough iodine from diet alone, most people the world over are susceptible to iodine deficiency. Recently in history, iodine deficiency has gained awareness and so it is more widely available. Iodine is commonly added to table salt to provide an easy method of access. In fact, it is estimated that around 70 percent of people around the world have access to iodized table salt, however, the iodine in iodized salt dissipates rather quickly and if left on shelves too long without using looses most of its iodizing benefit.

Iodine is also found in supplements. For those that cannot eat these iodine rich foods, due to 'protein' allergies as one cannot be allergic to a mineral, or live in a place where the soil does not have iodine, found across most of the landmass of the planet, it is likely that supplementation is necessary. Iodine supplements can be found in liquid, tablet, capsules, and as mentioned before, iodized table salt.

Cedar Bear 'Nascent' Iodine

Cedar Bear Iodine is a nascent iodine made using pure iodine, in its mono element form, that has been naturally sourced, and it is never bound to or in combination with other mineral elements like other mineral iodide salts. For instance, Lugol’s iodine is bound to potassium, and Iosol™ iodine is bound to sodium. Both of these mineral salt iodides can easily get in the way of the body’s absorption of iodine, making them less effective for absorption into the thyroid and tissues througout the body. In science it's called the Wolff-Chikoff Effect that causes this potential blockage of chemical reduced mineral salt iodides into tissues.

Cedar Bear's iodine is NOT a reduced minerals salt of iodide but is a mono element triiodide of iodine, meaning the only mineral element present in our product is iodine and no other mineral.

Unlike other nascent iodines, Cedar Bear® nascent iodine contains glycerin instead of alcohol or other solvents, such as gasses. No alcohol or other solvents are used in its making, only glycerin and water. We have created a proprietary iodine processing method called Pureodine™ to create high-quality mono element of iodine supplements without alcohol or other mineral salts in a way never thought possible before.

Glycerin is much easier on the body and, unlike iodine bound to other mineral salts, it allows the body to quickly and easily absorb the iodine. In fact, Cedar Bear® nascent iodine begins to be absorbed by the body as soon as it comes in contact with soft tissue.

To use Cedar Bear Nascent Iodine, all it takes are a daily dose of six drops in a glass of purified or distilled water. Drink the water for a light tasting, alcohol-free iodine supplement that can help you provide the support that your body and immune system need.

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