Quality Assurance & Controls

Cedar Bear Naturales® Multi-Layers of QA/QC (Quality Assurance / Quality Control) Standards

Cedar Bear Naturales® is a company of many layers of QA/QC standards. Its departments all adhere to the same exacting and stringent multi-levels of QA/QC standards. These standards serve three purposes. 1st is to assure that safe and accurate ingredients are used in all products we produce. 2nd is to make sure that the controls are in place for clean contaminant-free production that meets the highest standards for our industry. and 3rd is to assure that the finished products are verified as being safe for human and animal consumption.

The following QA/QC standards are utilized and adhered to by Cedar Bear® and its departments at all times and in all instances:

U.S. FDA cGMP Inspected

cGMP stands for 'current Good Manufacturing Practices.' The cGMP standard that all companies in the dietary supplements industry (which herbal manufacturers are part of) must comply with is the U.S. Federal Government's Title 21 FDA cGMP rules & regulation policy for dietary supplements. Though different than FDA cGMP standards for the drugs & pharmaceutical industry, the FDA cGMP standards for herbal & dietary supplements industry are very detailed and stringent, and in some areas are more restrictive and stringent than that for drug & pharmaceutical industry cGMP rules & regulations.

Cedar Bear FDA cGMP standards for dietary supplements are guided by 21 CFR 111 and 21 CFR 110 policy & rules. 111 deals with all aspects of the 'intrinsic' product itself, while 110 deals with product labeling and claims issues. Both are part of FDA cGMP oversight of the herbal & dietary supplements industry for product quality & safety, and compliance of product labeling & claims.

Cedar Bear Naturales® is FDA cGMP inspected on an ongoing basis.

NSF Certified

Cedar Bear Naturales® facility and operations are NSF certified.
NSF Certified facility and operations meeting the highest standards of cleanliness, well-defined and trackable standard operating procedures (SOPs), and detailed QA and QC oversight and documentation. NSF certification for a facility and its operations is considered one of the highest of standards and most rigorous in the consumable products industry world-wide.
NOTE: Our NSF certification complies with 'Organic' standards. Our NSF certification does NOT require sterilization, irradiation or altering our raw materials. Only the natural state raw materials, as received, is used in our liquid processes. Our NSF certification does NOT require we have or use metal detectors, X-Ray or its variations, or any kind of "Ray" technology in our production operations or the facility. Cedar Bear Naturales® is an 'All Natural' based endeavor, as 'Nature' intended us to be.

Totally 100% Alcohol-Free

NO alcohol is ever used at any time in the making of a Cedar Bear® product – NONE! For Cedar Bear® this is a huge quality issue, as there are still competitor companies in our industry who falsely claim and list on their product labels that they are 'alcohol-free' when they are in fact 'alcohol-removed' or 'dealcoholized' products being passed off as alcohol-free. Doing so is also against the law!

In the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) for Title 21 regarding this issue, the FDA has a clearly stated policy that if any alcohol is used in the making of a product that product cannot claim or be labeled as 'alcohol-free,' even if the alcohol has been removed. Fact is, it's impossible to remove all the alcohol from a product as anywhere from 2% to 5% of residual alcohol remains in a product depending on the makeup of a product, You are quality assured that all Cedar Bear® products are indeed totally 100% 'true' Alcohol-Free!

Kosher (Kashrus) Certified

Kosher' is a very stringent consumables preparation standard rooted in antiquity and proven in modern food and dietary science. Where the word 'kashrus' is used, it means to be in a state of being kosher, which all Cedar Bear Naturales® retail brands are.

Our kosher certification is done through Scroll K, an OU (Orthodox Union) recognized affiliate kosher certifying agency. Cedar Bear® is also approved to do Passover production for its Kosher certified products.

Statistics have shown that over 70% of American shoppers seeking kosher certified prepared products are not of the religious affiliation from which kosher originated. Their reason for seeking out kosher certified products is the assurance such products are manufactured to consistently clean standards and generally don't contain ingredients deemed to be harmful to health and well-being.

Halal Compliant

"Halal" means complying with Islamic (i.e. Muslim) dietary law. This includes halal's restriction against consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol must never ever touch a consumable product, for to do so would mean that product is 'Haraam,' which means 'unclean' and contrary to Islamic dietary law.
With Halal world-wide trade at 16%, and growing, of all traded commodities world-wide, the fact that Cedar Bear® products are halal compliant is a real plus for health & herbal using Muslim consumers desiring to be halal in the use of our 'true' alcohol-free liquid herbal products.
Currently, Cedar Bear® is in the process of becoming Halal certified through an international Halal recognized agency.

Vegan Certified

Cedar Bear uses no animal parts or ingredients or insect parts or ingredients in its products. Even the glycerin used is 100% USP Grade GMO-Free Kosher Certified and Halal Certified 'Vegetable' glycerin.

Gluten Free

Since no grains or grain alcohol is used in the making of Cedar Bear TincTract® products there is no chance of contaminating our products with alcohol that may in some instances contain gluten tags, which in very gluten sensitive individuals can set off adverse gluten caused reactions. And yes, if the fermented grains from which alcohol is distilled is not double, or better yet, triple distilled, there is no guarantee that light mole weight gluten particles will not distill into the alcohol during initial distillation for alcohol.
Also, no Cedar Bear manufactured products contain gluten-containing ingredients. Only herbs, glycerin, and water are used in the making of our products utilizing the revolutionary and proprietary 'Genuine TincTract® Made' process for making our concentrated and potent liquid herbal concentrates.

FDA 21 CFR Part 201 Labeling Compliant

Unlike many competitor herbal product companies who choose to take the FDA labeling rule exemptions on complete label compliance, and have done so, we here at Cedar Bear Naturales® chose to not take those exemptions but instead chose to provide consumers with product labels that are fully compliant as detailed in FDA rules & regulations on the issue. For us, the consumer comes first!
Full compliant labeling is one way we prove to consumers that we are more interested in their getting ALL the information FDA labeling standards are intended to provide for concerned consumers, even if it costs us more to do so. 

Cedar Bear Naturales® Own In-House
Quality Assurance Standards

Along with the afore described quality standards and certifications, Cedar Bear® also incorporates additional quality oversights into our operations and handling of its products, such as expanded personal hygienic standards regarding dress, cosmetics, jewelry/accessories, footwear, outerwear, headwear, face wear, hand wear, etc., that often exceed that done in our industry at large.
Part of our QA oversight also includes monitoring of employees health and well-being to assure that the facility, its operations and products, and other employees are not subjected to human transferred biological contaminants at all times. 
Another part of our in-house QA/QC standards includes periodic employee performance reviews that also ascertain attitudinal factors. Studies have shown that employee attitudes towards their jobs and other personnel play a huge role in the level of quality performance and ongoing quality awareness and compliance of an employee, especially regarding a QA/QC driven manufacturing endeavor. This factor is closely monitored by our QC department and management.

Manufactured in the USA Products

All products offered by Cedar Bear Naturales® are manufactured in the USA at our Roosevelt, UTAH manufacturing facility & operations. Cedar Bear® is the manufacturer of its own products from top-to-bottom. We take great pride in the products we make and are pleased to be part of America's team of domestic manufacturing endeavors. Our unique and proprietary manufacturing technologies originated here in the USA, and as a legacy-based company, we have chosen to keep it here.

Cedar Bear Naturales® reserves the right to make changes when necessary to herbal formulations, prices, and sales policies without prior notification.

With changing weather patterns and other issues that may impact supply availability of individual herbs, sometimes changes have to be made to our herbal formulas. When this is necessary, we will make sure the formula’s effectiveness will not be negatively affected by the change.