General FAQ


Because of the nature of sourcing natural herbs and materials for Cedar Bear products, price changes do
occasionally happen, and prices are subject to change without notice. Prices posted do not include
shipping charges, special handling, or taxes.

You can order online at, by Phone, Fax and Email.
Call 1-888-854-3727, Fax 435-722-6607 or email
Office hours are 9-4 MST Monday through Friday Excluding Holidays

Cedar Bear is a 'main street' business that creates high quality premium liquid herbal supplements that
are alcohol, soy, and gluten free, always. All our products are FDA cGMP inspected, Kosher & Vegan
certified, and Halal compliant (which means our products comply with the Muslim dietary code) and
made with care in the United States. We are proud of what we do, we love what we do, and believe in
the power of natural 'whole' herbs in your body and mind’s health and wellness.

No, we are not an essential oils company. We are a'whole herb' liquid herbal products company. .Our products are often confused with essential oils. Essential oils are sometimes ingested, but are more commonly used topically or for aromatherapy. Our products are all taken orally (either directly or mixed in a beverage.) Our Liquid Herbal Supplements contain only three ingredients: Herbs, Glycerin, and Purified Water! 

Herbal supplements are a sub-category of dietary supplements, and are whole dried loose or typically in
the commercial form of tablets, capsules, or liquids that contain herbs to supplement a diet that could
be lacking in those herbs or the macro and micro nutrients that may not be available enough in a daily
diet, or that the body needs more of to stay healthy. Just like a vitamin supplement, herbal supplements
can be used to give your body the support that it needs to stay healthy.

Iodine is a very important mineral that we are supposed to get from our food, but is lacking in the diet, sometimes to a high degree. Since our bodies cannot produce this
mineral, it is important that you get enough from your diet via known iodine-rich foods and through supplementation to
keep your body healthy. Iodine is the most necessary mineral for thyroid function and all metabolic functions of the body.

Developed and named by Cedar Bear's founder, the name TincTract® is a contraction of the words TINCture and exTRACT, because it is more than a
tincture and more than an extract.
Our liquid herbs taste remarkably like the 'fresh' harvested botanical itself. The 'Genuine TincTract®
Made' process retains an herbs primary, secondary and tertiary compounds in their ratio/synergy-intact
state, indicated by the true-to-herb taste of our finished products.

You can take our products in a myriad of ways. Either straight on the tongue, or you can also mix the
drops with your favorite tea, water and some Juices.

A proprietary blend is our formulation of the specific herbs in our products and the process to create them which ensures maximum
synergistic properties. These were created specifically for Cedar Bear by the founder/owner, and are kept proprietary (protected) to ensure we provide you with the absolute best in health support products.

Wildcrafted means we sustainably source our herbs from their natural origin in the wild, meaning they are not 'cultivated,' instead of sourcing them
from a mass-produced farm where the growing conditions may not be optimal.

All Cedar Bear products are Non-GMO.

Yes, all Cedar Bear products are Vegan Certified.

All our TincTracts are True 100% Alcohol Free. None is ever used.

Why use alcohol to extract something if that something is negatively affected by alcohol? We learned
many years ago that ethanol alcohol denatures and renders inert many of an herb's properties. We
don't use alcohol, ever! That also assures our products meet Halal dietary standards and are totally
GMO-free and Gluten-Free!

Yes, The FDA has set many regulations in place to protect you, the consumer, and we fully support them
and you. All products are third-party tested both as the single herb for identity before use, and as the final product for purity and safety. All these test results are kept in-house and provided to
the FDA at the time of our inspection to prove we are doing everything to support all product claims and
consumer safety

Our glycerin is derived from Non-GMO palm oil that is GMO-Free, Kosher certified and Halal certified. Although the FDA classifies glycerin as a carbohydrate, it has little to no effect on blood sugar levels due to its having a 'low glycemic index,' and more importantly, a 'low glycemic load.'

We use purified water that is third-party tested for purity and safety to provide the cleanest and purest water possible for all our products.

Lot Numbers are an 8-digit sequence of numbers that are essential when tracking and identifying a product to its
manufacturing batch or group. When provided, our team can quickly locate and provide immediate customer
service about a product once given.

We were the first to introduce a totally alcohol-free line of liquid herbal formulas for children into the marketplace, so yes, our carefully designed childrens line provides kids with the dietary balance and support they need to live a healthy lifestyle. All products are recommended for childrens ages 2 and older.

We were the first to introduce totally alcohol-free liquid herbal formulas into the marketplace. We have a complete pet line to choose from and all of our pet formulas are made with the same care and stringent standards that we follow for all of our products.

Adaptogens, support the body’s natural ability to cope with varying types of temporary stress.
Ashwagandha, Holy Basil Leaf and Maca Root are great examples of adaptogens, these herbs can also
help support your body’s natural energy levels and immune stamina.

Cedar Bear products have a minimum of 7 years stability. Open bottles are still shelf stable.