Effective, 100% Alcohol Free and Manufactured in the US!

TincTract® Herbal Formulas

  • No chemicals!
  • Concentrated & potent.
  • No refrigeration needed!
  • No alcohol is ever used!

Holiday Spice

A Great Blend of Spices That Have Been Used for Centuries


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  • Founded & Administered by a Professional Clinical & Formulary Herbalist of 40+ Years Studies & Experience – You Taste & Feel It In Our Products.
  • We Care About Our Employees – Personnel Are Constantly Upgrading Their Education & Training Under Cedar Bear Sponsorship.
  • Our Employees Care About You – Great Products Require Great Service Which Our Staff Is Experienced and Excels At.
  • Been Doing Alcohol-Free Herbal Glycerite Products Lines Longer Than Anyone Else – By Decades! – Since 1982.
  • Multi-Step Proprietary TincTract® Process – Constantly Improved & Enhanced – We ARE THE Original – More Experience Than Anyone Else In The Industry.
  • FDA and Kosher Certified Inspected and We Conduct On-Going Rigorous In-House Quality Control Inspections for QC Oversight & Compliance.
  • Earth Friendly Operation That's Also Sensitive to Biological Sustainability Issues of Herbs and Threatened/Endangered Botanicals.
  • Look At Our Product Labels – We Opted Out of Labeling Exemptions and Went With Full Title 21 Product Label Disclosure To Benefit Our Customers.
  • The First Liquid Herbal Products Company in the Industry to be Kosher Certified & Passover Approved and Halal Compliant.
  • The First Ever Lines of Alcohol-Free Liquid Herbal Formula Blends in the Marketplace – Making Us the Most Experienced in the Industry By Decades!
  • The First Ever Line of Alcohol-Free Children's and Pet's Herbal Formulas In the Marketplace – We Know More Than Anyone Else About Alcohol-Free for Kids and pets.
  • The First Ever and Most Stable Alcohol-Free Glycerite of Nascent Iodine Supplement – Doing It For Over a Decade Now.

A Word From Our Founders


Cedar Bear™ has helped many business owners customize their own herbal products for over three decades. When you choose Cedar Bear™ to create your own product, you are guaranteed the Cedar Bear™ promise, which includes:
  • Quality that matches our own Cedar Bear™ brand product lines.
  • Formulas and blends that are 100% alcohol-free (alcohol never used).
  • Industry standard & FDA inspected manufacturing facility, operations & products.
  • Products that are manufactured right here in the United States.
  • A team to help you put your own private label product in the marketplace.

FAQ About Private Label Manufacturing

If you work with Cedar Bear™ to bring your product to market, you get the benefits of working with a company that is:
  • The Original & Most Experienced At Mfg Totally Alcohol-Free Potent Glycerite Products – Been Doing It Longer Than Anyone Else.
  • FDA Inspected.
  • cGMP Compliant.
  • Kosher Certified (You will need to apply with Scroll K for your product's Kosher certification).
  • Vegan Compliant and Soy & Dairy Free.
  • Halal Dietary Standard Compliant
  • The Best Tasting Products Available
Cedar Bear™ can manufacture any of your custom formulations. We can also help you private label one of our single herbs, formulas, kids' formulas, pet supplements, or our totally alcohol-free Nascent Iodine supplement – The original & first product of its kind – On every point we've been doing it longer than anyone else.
Yes. We can manufacture your herb to be sold in your store or in your dispensary through our "Your Name Here" program. Give us a call at (888) 854-3727 to learn more.
Yes. We can help you manufacture private label herbs for your website. We also have a wholesale program that lets you buy our Cedar Bear™ brand products directly to resell retail on your website.
Yes, please visit our product information page to learn more about some of our top-selling liquid herbal supplements. We also have an ingredients deck so that you can see what is used in many of our formulas.


"Keep up the great work. Service, Courtesy & Reliability is Cedar Bears Trademark."


"I love their products. I always get Xodine to keep my thyroid running the way it should be. Great tasting and realness."

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