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Magnificent Mushrooms!

Liquid mushroom supplements provide superior bioavailability, ensuring maximum absorption of immune-boosting compounds for enhanced health benefits.

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Pills, gummies, tablets, capsules, and even alcohol-based supplements can have fillers, preservatives, added sugars, artificially enhanced flavorings, and yes, even post produced alcohol added. Such additives can add weird flavors, textures, and after tastes, not to mention your body has to work harder to break down and process all the extra additives that you don't need or even want in a 'natural' based product..

We do all the hard work so your body and health can reap the rewards. Our TincTract® process efficiently removes an herb's benefits into a liquid a iquid concentrate that the body naturally and quickly absorbs.

The best part of taking our Herbal Concentrates is that you can be assured that because our products contain only herb, glycerin, and water, and that they're TincTract® made, your body can get what it needs faster, healthier, and additive free, and as an added benefit, all our products are totally 100% Alcohol-Free! None is ever used, ever!


FDA cGMP inspected, NSF certified facility & operation, Kosher certified (and Passover Approved production), Halal compliant, and Vegan certified.

All of our herbs are organic, wild-crafted, or consciously cultivated, and every raw herb used is first sent to a lab for identity testing before QC approved, and a product sample for each finished batch is again sent to a lab for purity and safety testing before QC releases those products for sale.