Everything You Need to Know About Kava Root

Everything You Need to Know About Kava Root

In the world of natural herbal supplements, so many medicinal herbs have stepped to the forefront as worthy of attention. Kava root happens to be one of those medicinal herbs worth getting to know. 

Whether you are searching for herbal supplements with calming properties or something to uplift your mood, kava root may have something to offer. Let's take a closer look at this herb, where it comes from, and what benefits kava root may have to offer. 

First, Exactly What Is Kava Root?

Kava is known by quite a few names, including kawa kawa and simply kava kava. Scientifically speaking, kava is Piper methysticum, which is a shrub that belongs to the pepper family. Kava is native to the Pacific Islands, where locals have relied on kava for centuries for ceremonial and medicinal use. While several parts of the plant may be valuable, the kava's root is traditionally ground into a thick paste and then consumed. 

The Potential Benefits of Kava Root

The roots of the kava plant are filled with compounds called kavalactones, which are thought to be responsible for the benefits of the plant as a medicinal herb. Kavalactones have been examined in several studies to determine their value. Some of the potential benefits of kava root include:

  • Supporting an overall state of calmness
  • Supporting physical relaxation 
  • Promoting neural health  
  • Promoting better sleep 

While the research on kava root is just getting started, the herb has been in use in some parts of the world for many years. Many people claim that kava is one of the best herbal supplements with calming properties. 

How to Find the Best Kava Root Natural Herbal Supplements

When shopping for kava root, there are a lot of options. Kava root can be found in oral tablets or capsules, teas, and tinctures. Regardless of the form of the kava root herbal supplement, always make sure you are getting the highest quality product by: 

  • Reading product labels to determine ingredients 
  • Looking for products without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives 
  • Opting for products sourced from organic or high-quality ingredients

Ready to Try Kava Root?

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