Our Mission and Our People

Our Mission!

In everything we do, we seek to find an innovative and efficient method to bring Herbal Extracts and Iodine to the world.

We believe in thinking differently and finding solutions by creating great tasting herbal extracts that are simple to use and work effectively!

Our Motto!

"We have an Herb for that!"

Our Core Values!

Integrity - Caring - Innovative - Passionate

All Cedar Bear Products are great tasting, potent, effective, non-toxic, and 100% alcohol-free, (and they're free of additional sweeteners/colors/flavors, dairy-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free) from start to finish. We are dedicated to bringing quality liquid herbal supplements to your life.

Meet the Founders:

L. Carl Robinson is the founder and Jhoane Robinson the co-founder of Cedar Bear Naturales. Carl is Cedar Bear's Chairman & C.E.O. and Jhoane is its Executive Vice President & CFO.

Carl is a clinical & formulary herbalist and nutritional therapist with an ancillary interest in biological agriculture. He received a Master of Herbology in herbal pharmacognosy & pharmacology, that included studies in fluid preparations and formulations, from Emerson College (CND), and was the first non-doctoral individual inducted into the Intl. Society of Lymphology. He is also a license qualified therapy technician, certified in conflict resolution (mediation), and a national & state certified hypnotherapist & hypnotherapy instructor. Carl is the originator and developer of the TincTract process for making totally alcohol-free liquid herbal and nutritional products, and was the lead developer of the Pureodine process for making alcohol-free glycerite of mono-element triiodide of nascent iodine, another industry first. He has been an 'industry insider' to the herbal products industry for 35 years and was involved in the passage of State legislation that became the template for the Federal government's Dietary Supplements Health Education Act of 1994 (1994 D.S.H.E.A.). Carl is the author of White Papers and published works and educational courses on herbs and natural health.

Jhoane is a traditional herbalist, yoga instructor & meditation facilitator and organic gardener. She is a former SAG actress and voice over talent and instructor. Jhoane is certified in Kyra Yoga, is a certified Reiki master/instructor (both Alliance and Independent), is certified in conflict resolution (mediation), and a national & state certified hypnotherapist & hypnotherapy instructor. She is an accomplished writer and editor of herbs and natural health, also having been the former lead writer for a nationally distributed herb journal and natural health newsletter. Being the daughter of a MD Internist who was the co-founder of the largest medical clinic in the Northwest United States, she has a unique perspective on healthcare. She was personally inflicted with a disabling auto-immune condition at an early age, which she overcame (in part) by utilizing natural holistic means. Her recovery is part of the legacy of Cedar Bear.



Kevin Remington

(Kevin and daughter Layla)


Member of our Cedar Bear Family since 10/2016

Kevin has been given the honor of leading our company into the new era of success and growth. To ensure Cedar Bear employees and customers both enjoy their experiences with the company and develop a long standing relationship with Cedar Bear. Kevin also dedicates time to each and every director so that he may provide support in a timely manner, thus creating a cohesive team  that runs as efficient as possible. 

    Jessica Bowden

    Director of Human Resources & Executive Assistant
    Member of our Cedar Bear Family since 11/2016

    Jessica is the pillar of support for our staff.  From  explaining  company  benefits and policies, to checking up on general wellness, she ensures the staff  have what they need for ultimate success. She also makes sure that the financial accounts are on track & budgets are funded so that Cedar Bear can continue the great work we do every day. She   does wonderful job of creating, maintaining & supporting our amazing crew.


    Angie Bristol

    Marketing & Sales Director

    Member of our Cedar Bear Family since 12/2013

    Angie is our sales mastermind; handling Private Label accounts, Wholesale/Retail sales support and one of the key decision makers in how our product line is marketed and sold. Having previously worked in the operations side of our company as a purchasing agent extraordinaire, she interfaces ingredients acquisition that works miracles to find the ingredients in our products & yours to make our process possible.


    Amber Dennis

    Amazon Sales Specialist 

    Member of our Cedar Bear Family since 11/2013

    Amber "get's stuff done!" She is our Amazon account specialist and stays up to date on all the current trends and information. When you look at Cedar Bear's Amazon presence, it is Amber behind the curtain managing all that work. Her knowledge is invaluable.


      Alex Calder

      Quality Control Director

      Member of our Cedar Bear Family since 4/2014

      Alex ensures everything in & out of our facility is up to the best standards & that we are compliant with all the regulations so our Cedar Bear products are held to a high standard so you don't have anything to worry about using or selling Cedar Bear products.


      James Robinson

      Technical  Director & Research / Development

      Member of our Cedar Bear Family since 5/2013

      James makes sure that all the processes that make Cedar Bear possible work as smoothly & as seamlessly as possible, he is also a key player in the new products & limited editions that Cedar Bear offers. Oversees our entire manufacturing process. The departments involved in the creation of our products are directed by James. He is always making sure that we have product to sell, and that things run smoothly; from beginning to end.