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Our Products. Your Brand.
White Label. Private Label. "Your Logo Here." 
If you want to start your own brand of herbal supplements, you're going to have questions. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to reach our Private Label Specialists directly.
Call: 1-888-854-3727 toll free / 435-728-2147 direct office
What does the process look like?
1. Call or email us for a free consultation to discuss the basics. or 888-854-3727 toll free - 435-728-2147 direct office (ask for John or Jorgen)
2. The Legal Stuff... 
We will send you a mutual NDA to protect both companies and allow you to discuss your brand with confidence. We do NOT disclose the identities of companies who use our manufacturing services!
3. Choose your bottle and decide what goes inside!
Pick an herbal blend from our formulas, create your own, or have us create one for you! (We have over 60 herbal formulas and 150 single herbs to choose from!) Cedar Bear products speak for themselves!
4. Decide what goes on the outside of the bottle:
This is going to be your brand. Name your product and have a little fun with your label design! (Our Quality Control department will review your label design for FDA compliance.)
5. Approve your label design and formula:
We will send you a Private Label Production Sheet (PLPS) to sign and confirm everything is correct.
 (You can sign it electronically - we're not THAT old-fashioned)
6. Pay up!
(Our Finance department will reach out to you once you have approved your invoice. Production begins immediately after payment. Your Private Label account manager will help you with the details.)
7. Let us take care of the heavy lifting: 
Our production team will begin working on your order. We will source the herbs or pull from our inventory and they will be verified in their raw form. That is the first round of testing. The components will be blended using our proprietary TincTract process. Each bottle will be carefully filled and sealed with a neck band. We then send samples out for third-party testing to ensure you receive a product that is customer-ready and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA.)
Prior to shipping, your custom labels printed in-house will be applied to your bottles (unless you decide to send us your own labels.)
8. Are you selling from your home, store or online?
We will prepare the bottles for shipping based on your instructions. (We can even do Amazon FBA Prep for a small additional charge!)
9. Start selling!!

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