Iodine – Glycerite vs Tincture

A tincture is defined as a passive method (i.e. tincturing or percolation) that uses alcohol or alcohol/water as the solvent. They are typically made by soaking the raw ingredient in a consumable alcohol, also known as ethanol derived from grains. It is a traditional way to preserve herbs or liquify a solid, such as iodine crystals, and preserve them for later consumption. Although alcohol is not the only way to make a tincture, it is the most popular and historically well known, largely due to industry based dogmatized views that are finally giving way to contemporary science and research.

At Cedar Bear® we never use alcohol to manufacture our herbal and iodine products. We make our products using glycerin instead for a more effective and tastier liquid supplement. Here’s a look at glycerin vs alcohol made products, and how we go about making our Cedar Bear® Iodine supplement.

What is Glycerin?

An organic compound, glycerin, is typically sourced from animal fat and vegetable oils. It is a sweet tasting, colorless, thick liquid. It can be used as a substitute for alcohol in supplements to carry nutrients from herbs, or dissolve and microencapsulate iodine, and preserve them. Unlike alcohol, glycerin is considered a nutrient and is much gentler on the body and does not cause the destruction that alcohol can. For children, pets, and those with alcohol sensitivities, glycerin is clearly a superior choice.

At Cedar Bear® we use only USP grade Kosher certified GMO-Free Vegetable glycerin.

Glycerin preserves the herbal and botanical characteristics of plants, compared to alcohol that possesses denaturing & inert rendering properties to preserve. While denaturing is effective, it works by sterilization, and often alters and mitigates many vital factors in an extract. This often alters the biological viability and potential effect that an herb can have once subjected to alcohol.

Glycerin was once thought to not have such a long shelf life let alone very good extractive potential, but Cedar Bear® has changed that by using high-quality ingredients, extreme care and subjecting the glycerin to some of the most revolutionary and original processing technologies that takes advantage of glycerin's phenomenal versatility as an extractive solvent.

We produce our liquid herbal and iodine supplements with glycerin to have a very stable and long shelf life without refrigeration or fear of expiration. This goes for Cedar Bear® Iodine as well.

Cedar Bear® Nascent Iodine

Cedar Bear® Iodine made with glycerin is much easier on the body and its tissues than tinctures that use other mineral elements like potassium for instance. As far as iodine supplement needs, these extraneous and unnecessary added mineral salts only get in the way of the body’s absorption of iodine and will, in turn, make it less effective. Pairing pure mono elemental raw iodine with glycerin allows the Pureodine™ processed iodine to move through the body seamlessly, and it begins being absorbed by the body almost immediately upon contact with soft tissue of the mouth and digestive system.

Cedar Bear developed its proprietary iodine processing method that creates highly effective, remarkably stable, tasty totally alcohol-free glycerite of mono element triiodide of iodine supplementation. Cedar Bear® Iodine is used to give your body more of this essential trace mineral. Cedar Bear® Iodine supplement tastes remarkably good compared to the competitions liquid offerings and can potentially help the body maintain its iodine levels.

Pureodine™ Process

Cedar Bear has developed its proprietary and trade secret iodine processing method that we’ve named 'Pureodine™.' It is a first ever for the iodine supplements industry and potential medical device use and applications.

The Pureodine™ process takes pure, naturally deep earth sourced iodine and pairs it with glycerin and water. Cedar Bear® Iodine is pure and has not been changed or chemically bonded to other reduced mineral salt elements. As previously mentioned, those additional mineral elements get in the way of the body’s absorption of the iodine. Pureodine™ processed Cedar Bear® Iodine consists of pure mono element triiodide of iodine only. No other mineral elements, just iodine.

Cedar Bear® Iodine is considered belonging to a class of iodine products known as 'nascent' iodine. There are several types of iodine, and a few different kinds of nascent iodine also, but our Cedar Bear® nascent iodine is by far the easiest on the body. Other types of iodine products, like Lugol’s Iodine solution and Iosol™ Iodine are bound to potassium and sodium respectively, making them "chemically reduced mineral salt iodides."

Because we put so much dedication into every drop of Cedar Bear® Iodine, we have been able to create a product that has a much higher absorption and tissue trapping rate than other iodine supplements, and a far better tasting one at that.

Why Choose Cedar Bear?

Cedar Bear has been making innovations in the herbal supplement industry for over 35 years. Our founder, L. Carl Robinson, a clinical & formulary herbal expert, has dedicated himself to unleashing the power of nature and all that it has to offer. Cedar Bear is proud to offer its nascent iodine product, as well as hundreds of high quality liquid herbal supplements. It’s not just our Pureodine™ Iodine processing method that has gotten people talking. We process hundreds of herbs using our proprietary TincTract® method that creates high-quality liquid herbal supplements to give your body the extra nutrients that it needs.

All of our products are alcohol free, certified Kosher and Halal compliant. We take care in using only the best ingredients from around the world to make our products, and we won’t settle for anything less. We want our supplements to be enjoyable for all of your family members, so along with leaving out alcohol, we’ve also left out sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, corn, and animal products.

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