Start the New Year with an Herbal Cleanse

Start the New Year with an Herbal Cleanse

Whether or not you overindulged from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, your body can always use some extra TLC. Our 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements are a good way to start a healthy new year. This is particularly true of our Lymphatic Cleanse and our Intestinal Cleanse, chock full of botanicals that support gut and lymphatic functions. Many of these herbs have a long history among healers on multiple continents. These herbal cleanses are about more than eliminating the negative. They also support the hard-working defenses Mother Nature has already built into the human body.

Overlapping Defenses

Not surprisingly, the intestines and lymphatic system share some tasks. Chief among them is the mission of removing unwanted pathogens and waste products from the body. In addition to providing the nourishment essential to life, the gut is one of the outposts stopping harmful bacteria from circulating freely throughout the body. Meanwhile, the lymphatic system—consisting of the spleen, thymus gland, lymph nodes and the clear fluid known as lymph—interacts constantly with the gut to send nutrients where they’re needed, while dumping waste products from multiple body systems into the lower intestine for elimination. Both the intestines and the lymphatic system are essential to immune function. It’s no coincidence that the anti-oxidant-rich botanicals in our herbal cleanses have myriad immune-boosting properties.

Some Venerable Gut-Cleansing Herbs

Black walnut hull is a staple of intestinal cleanses. It contains significant quantities of juglone, an antiparasitic agent. Black walnuts also contain abundant fatty acids, which support not only cardiovascular health, but an effective immune system. 

Gentian root is an important ingredient in any herbal cleanse, because it supports overall digestive health. For centuries, healers have used this pretty little flower, which thrives in the highlands of Europe, Asia and the Americas, to reduce congestion in the liver, one of the body’s most important detox organs.

Wormwood, with ornamental, velvety leaves, is more than a parasite-busting herb. It also decongests the liver and eases multiple digestive ailments. 

Prettily Boosting Lymphatic Function

Many of the plants that go into our Lymphatic Cleanse are prized by gardeners as well as naturopaths. Red root herb, for example, grows as a compact little shrub, loaded with creamy white flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It is also known as New Jersey tea, because its dried leaves served as a substitute for imported Asian tea during the American Revolution. Long used as a digestive tonic, red root herb also stimulates lymphatic functions.

In the North American prairies, native healers highly valued the medicinal virtues of another pretty plant, echinacea, which decorated the plains with waves of purple. The root of purple coneflowers is famed for its immune-boosting properties, which help the lymphatic system do its vital job. 

Another multitasking botanical, elderberry is often grown as an ornamental, because of its abundant creamy flowers. Its berries contain abundant anthocyanins, which support the lymphatic system by scouring the body of free radicals.