"Spring Cleaning" your Intestinal Tract

There’s just something so incredible about Spring. We all know the new year begins in January, but for many of us, the true sense of “new beginning” hits home when the snow is melting away and revealing those first signs of green.

As the plants begin to emerge from the thawing ground, a lot of us find motivation to do the same. We throw open the curtains, dust the top of the refrigerator, scrub the floors and let the fresh air flow through our homes.

Perhaps you’re excited to get out into the yard and trim away those dead branches or get your hands in the dirt to start your new garden.

With all this new life and rejuvenation around you, we want your insides to also reflect that. New Year’s resolutions sometimes involve unreasonable goals or dangerous crash diets.

Let Cedar Bear help you nudge your health and lifestyle in the direction you want. We offer all-natural, alcohol-free, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, non-GMO liquid herbal blends like:

There are far too many options to list, but we want to bring the natural benefits of herbal goodness into your Spring-Cleaning routine. These potent formulas can boost your energy, support balanced internal functions, and even help flush away nasty toxins and clear away intestinal sludge.

Intestinal Cleanse Family Bundle

There’s no added colors, no chemicals, no added sugar or any of that other stuff that sneaks into so much of what we consume. It’s a bottle of the finest herbs we can find from around the world, blended based on science and decades of research to give you the best benefits per drop. Our herbs are mixed with Glycerin and pure water to protect and encapsulate their most desirable qualities.

Whether you are using the products yourselves, giving our Kid’s formulas to your children, or sharing drops with your fur babies from our Pet’s line, we craft each blend to a specific body system and function.

(Oh, and about the Pet’s line… I did mean SHARE. We take the exact same care, testing and attention with formulas for our pets. There’s no difference in quality or testing from our formulas for humans. In fact, many women love how their hair looks after taking the Pet’s “Coat Care” formula!)

Whether you are feeling sluggish, bloated, suffering from a slow metabolism or Thyroid—as we always say at Cedar Bear—“We have an Herb for That!” Start your spring cleaning the right way by giving your insides that same “scrubbed and polished” feel you want in your home!

If you aren’t sure what to start with, give us a call or shoot us an email! We’re not a massive/faceless corporation. We’re family-owned and believe in these products ourselves. (You won’t see a desk at Cedar Bear without bottles of herbal blends on it!)