Herbal Supplements to Support Digestive Health in Kids

Herbal Supplements to Support Digestive Health in Kids

Let’s face it: Kids do not always have the best hygiene. They often eat without washing their hands first. They let the dog lick their ice cream cone. They play outside in sand and dirt. And they believe in the 10-second rule, claiming that dropped food morsels are germ-free if retrieved quickly enough. So, it’s no wonder their digestive tract occasionally picks up uninvited interlopers. Herbal supplements can gently and effectively help restore balance to their digestive system. You’ll find these helpful remedies in our online natural herbal supplement store.

Herbs to Support Digestive Health

Lavender has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and calm. Wormwood, black walnut hull, tansy and pennyroyal have long track records. All of these ingredients are in our Intestinal Cleanse for Kids, in appropriate doses for children and it tastes great, too. You’ll also find the first two supplements among our single-herb extracts.

By supporting healthy bacterial flora in the gut, digestive supplements help keep the gut happy and healthy. Many of these supplements serve double duty as herbs to promote immune system health as well. The gut, after all, is a key player in immune function. It can do its job only with the proper balance of gut microbiota. Herbs like lavender and clove bud have properties that promote gastrointestinal health. Not surprisingly, both herbs can be found in our Intestinal Cleanse for Kids.

Other Ways Cleansing Herbs Support GI Health

Lavender and clove bud have a calming influence on the GI tract. Lavender is particularly well-documented as an herbal supplement that can help reduce temporary anxiety and stress with its soothing properties, and the gut is commonly thrown off balance by stress—especially among children. Thus, these soothing herbs can restore the balance in their digestive systems.

Other cleansing herbs can help support the GI system. Pennyroyal and tansy anti-gas properties. Pennyroyal and gentian root are well suited to calming intestinal cramps. Gentian also supports the liver, the ultimate detox organ.

Our Cedar Bear liquid herbal supplements are 100% alcohol-free and taste great for kids. They’re also dairy-free, sugar-free, nut-free, wheat-free and gluten-free. Try our collection of natural herbal supplements for kids to provide support for their growing bodies.