Cedar Bear Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays


The holidays are upon us and in these final weeks, you may be feeling pressed to find those last-minute stocking stuffers.

You may even be feeling a little worn or stressed yourself.

May we suggest gifts that provide great benefits to the mind and body while focusing on wellness and better health?

Our supplements are the perfect stocking stuffer or last-minute gift because it not only shows that you care enough to give them a gift, but that you care enough to give them the gift of better health. We have supplements for women, pet supplements, men's supplements, and supplements for kids. There's something for everyone in your household - and on your list.

You just can’t beat that.

So, what are our suggestions for wellness gifts this season? Read on!

Stocking Full of Goodness for Everyone on Your List

Shop our store to see all our products, but in the meantime, here are some highlights that you might want to snatch up.
  • EC Blend – Supports the digestive tract as well as the immune system, focusing on purifying the liver and blood.
  • Revive Her Drive & Revive His Drive – For a sexual health boost and a healthy energy boost, this will get you going. Its all natural formula addresses the specific needs of the man or woman (depending on the formula) so that you feel more vibrant.
  • Uva Ursi Leaf – Bladder issues are not the most comfortable topic to discuss but most people have bladder troubles at some point in their lives. The good news is this formula works to support healthy kidney and urinary function – without the uncomfortable conversation.
  • Tongkat Ali Root – Testosterone levels in men are critical to their overall health. This natural herbal remedy supports testosterone and boosts physical strength as well as helps improve athletic performance and help make workouts more effective by aiding with increasing muscle mass. It is also good for improving energy levels and giving a boost to the libido.
  • Kava Calm – Stress is everywhere, and it can be a serious problem. This supplement can help you fall asleep easier by calming your mind and nerves while helping your muscles relax. Sleep is important. Get more, better quality sleep, and feel calmer with Kava Calm. Give it to a friend but make sure you get one for yourself.
  • Women’s Daily – A woman’s body goes through a lot, especially during her reproductive years. This natural supplement targets the woman’s reproductive system, supporting healthy hormonal function and healthier female reproductive organs.
  • Heal All Leaf – This amazing natural supplement supports nearly all health needs. It benefits the lymphatic system, digestive system, and immune system. It is a fantastic general wellness supplement that works throughout the body.
And for your pet’s stocking (because our fur babies are people too!):
  • Pet’s Calm Down – Is your pet a little on the excitable side? Maybe a little anxious or nervous? It’s tough seeing your fur baby struggle with anxiety or fear but this formula can help. It contains herbs that gently calm, allowing your pet to relax.
  • Pet’s Joyful Joints – Many pets have problems with their joints. Some breeds are prone to joint issues. We hate seeing your fur babies in pain and that is where this all natural joint supplement for pets comes in. It helps to support good joint health for your pet regardless of breed or age.

Shop the Best Online Herbal Supplements Store for Stocking Stuffers that are GOOD for You

For the best herbal remedies and natural herbal supplements, you can’t go wrong with Cedar Bear. Our 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements mean that you only get the good stuff, and we leave out the stuff you don’t need. So, when you let us fill your loved one’s stockings this holiday season you know you are giving the gift of better health not just for the day, but all year round.

Shop our store or online for all the stockings on your list – but make sure you pick up a few for yourself as well. Here’s to good health this holiday season and all year long!