If you go to your local gym, are a nutrition enthusiast, or are just getting started on the path to good health, you are probably looking for some supplements to help you on your way. When you shop, you probably are looking at the array of products on the market and are not finding what you are looking for. Don't worry, because Cedar Bear™ has got you covered. We carry several different herbs and formulas that can meet your fitness and nutrition needs. 

What Makes Cedar Bear™ Liquid Herbal Supplements Different From Other Products on the Market 

Cedar Bear™ uses its unique TincTract® process to give its herbs a unique flavor and integrity that is not found with other products. We use glycerin during our manufacturing process rather than alcohol. This means that our products taste great and maintain the original nutritive properties of the harvested herb.  

Cedar Bear™ liquid herbal supplements are also easy to use. Rather than making a protein shake or preparing a unique meal with a powder, you can simply take Cedar Bear™ with the dropper, mix it with water, or mix it with another drink of your choice.  

Each Cedar Bear™ single herb or formula is designed for a unique purpose. Whether you want help maintaining your overall energy level or improving your overall health, Cedar Bear™ liquid herbal supplements are created with you, the end user, in mind. We encourage you to browse some of our favorite products to help you achieve your goals with fitness and nutrition.  

Liquid Herbal Supplements From Cedar Bear™ To Improve Your Overall Fitness and Nutrition 

We frequently get feedback from customers asking about what herb or blend they should use. We've picked some of our favorites and here they are: 

(1) Endurance and Metabolism Support: 

This is one of Cedar Bear's most popular formulas and contains a plethora of herbs from around the world. Endurance and Metabolism Support can strengthen health, vitality, and your overall metabolism. Imagine what it would be like to achieve peak performance while you are active. The herbs in this blend are known as "adaptogens," meaning your body can maintain peak performance during sports training, cycling, and other activities where you might expend a considerable amount of energy.  

(2) Energy Blend: 

Tired of those caffeinated energy drinks? Try Cedar Bear™ Energy Blend, a natural alternative to those beverages. Energy Blend helps lift your energy and can enhance your brain's oxygenation. Feel good about working out when you want to push yourself to the limit.  

(3) Stamina & Energy Blend: 

This blend from Cedar Bear™ is great for those with active, healthy lifestyles. Stay more active and energized during and after your workout. This blend can also help maintain your tissues as you exercise and work through your workout regimen.  

(4) Ginseng Vitality Blend: 

Not very many supplements can help maintain your cardiovascular health, brain function, immune function, and overall stamina. This blend lets you stay energized, healthy, and alert and maintain your active lifestyle.  

(5) Slim Now With Hoodia: 

Maintaining your natural electrolytes can help support your blood sugar and may reduce your snack cravings. Made with Hoodia cactus, this blend is great for those wanting a little bit extra balance when aiming to keep their weight down.  

(6) Gingko Leaf: 

Ginko leaf, a Cedar Bear™ single herb, can aid in supporting your memory and concentration, helping to keep you focus. Moreover, this herb has been known for its ability to maintain your natural blood oxidation, keeping you healthy and driven.  

(7) Green Coffee Bean: 

If you are on a weight management program, Cedar Bear™ green coffee blend can help maintain your overall energy. This single herb from Cedar Bear™ can be a great alternative to caffeinated and carbonated energy drinks.  

The Benefits of Choosing Cedar Bear™ Liquid Herbal Supplements for Fitness & Nutrition 

Cedar Bear™ liquid herbal supplements, in our different singles, blends, and brands, can make a difference in your overall life. All of our liquid herbal supplements can aid in maintaining your overall health and contribute to your fitness and nutrition goals. All of our supplements are 100% alcohol free, which contributes to their great flavor. These products are  

Ask About Our Private Labeling Solutions for Your Gym, Nutrition Store, or Brand 

If you are interested in building your own private label line of supplements, Cedar Bear™ would like to hear from you. With our industry-leading expertise, we can help you bring your concept to market, whether it involves one of our existing lines or tweaking one of our formulas to fit your needs. Cedar Bear™ has been doing this for 30+ years and we are interested in working with you.  

Learn More About Our Products and Private Label Fulfillment Services 

All of our supplements are useful for building your fitness, nutrition, and overall health. We invite you to browse our website further and learn more about our single herbs, blends, and brands. We were the first to bring an alcohol-free liquid herbal supplement to market for fitness and nutrition. If you are a potential wholesaler or want to private label one of our lines, get in touch with us today. 

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