When summertime is winding down, we tend to get very involved with end of summer outings and whirlwind back to school and work shopping trips and often don't think enough about our health needs. Even though we may not be getting sick as often this time of year, it's important to make sure we are strengthening our immune systems and overall health in preparation for Fall and Winter so we don't have as much trouble fighting off all the bugs we get exposed to when we start spending more time indoors in close quarters around more people and their sniffles and sneezes.

Along with eating a healthy diet of fresh fruits and veggies, (an easy thing to do during Summer and Fall), and drinking several glasses of pure water a day, using Cedar Bear herbs every day is an excellent way to support your health and your family's heath.
Daily Antioxidants and Daily Herbals – both give herb-based health protecting antioxidants and minerals that help on a daily basis to protect and support health.
Immune Builder – helps strengthen the immune system without stimulating it, with herbs that have adaptogenic actions.
Herbal Minerals Daily – a foundation building block for health at all ages. and supports the general health of all organs and functions of the body. Building healthy digestion, healthy bones, skin and hair, mental function, soothing nerves, and supporting

Adrenal & Focus Blend – Adrenal System Balance Support

The adrenal glands are the center of our stress response. Sustained stress affects the adrenal glands and overall endocrine system balance, the immune system, and the cardiovascular system, which causes physical, mental and emotional fatigue, raw nerves and anxiousness, and negatively affects our health.

Memory Build – A general memory and vitality support. Helps improve oxygen uptake into the brain, bloodstream, and cardiovascular system. Protects and maintains health, rejuvenates and revitalizes memory function, general nervous system health, and supports the immune system. Helps slow the aging processes and support healthy liver and kidney function.

Brain Booster – similar to Memory Build, has capsicum and supports athletes.




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