Private Label Herbal Supplements

Private Label Herbal Supplements

People are always looking for new ways to improve their health. Liquid herbal supplements are a great way to add additional micro nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, co-factors and trace elements to your body to help it maintain balance and health. Selling 'Your Label Here' in-store brand products or your own Cedar Bear made Private Label brand herbal supplements is a great way to offer your customers, or the marketplace at large, quality liquid herbal supplements without the need to have your own manufacturing facility.

Use Our Lines

Or Create Your Own Product

Cedar Bear can help you with your private label herb needs. Some of our clients have asked us to:

Private label one of our lines for their business.

Bring a formula to the marketplace.

Meet their wholesale private label herb needs.

Here are some of the benefits of working with Cedar Bear's private labeling program:

  • All of the supplements that go through our private label herb process are 100% alcohol-free.
  • All of our private label herbs are manufactured here in the USA.
  • Our private label herbs are FDA cGMP inspected, Kosher and Vegan certified and Halal dietary code compliant.
  • You can work with Scroll K to have your private label herbs be kosher certified.

Here's a look at our "Your Name Here" private label programs and what you can accomplish when you team up with us.

Our 'Your Name Here' in-store program is a great way for your store to sell herbal supplements with your own store name brand, but without the time, money, and hassle that setting up your own manufacturing operation requires.

We also offer opportunities for Private Label sales for marketing and selling your own private label brand to the marketplace at large on orders that have a larger per-item ordering requirement but at incremental discounts based on per-item volume numbers per purchase order.

With Cedar Bear, we provide an initial purchase minimum of each product to start with to more easily place your private label products into the marketplace. Of course, when more units per order are purchased for your private label brand, deeper discounts are offered, and the better your profits will be.

We have a large selection of herb products to offer those looking for finished private label supplements, and also non-finished bulk ingredient botanical ingredients for use in other food, beverage, confectionary and topical-personal care products. We can also work with you to custom formulate manufacture a supplement personalized for you and your customers' unique needs.

This process keeps the extracted natural nutrients in a botanical ratio-intact and retains the synergy of the raw whole herb, meaning that it does not simply extract one target nutrient to the exclusion of all others.

Having a Kosher certified symbol on your brand's label on our product will draw in customers with the extra guarantee of quality and manufacturing standards. For a small fee, that covers all the products we manufacture for your brand, you can have "Kosher Certified" products that are approved by Scroll K, our Kosher certifying agency. Even without the certification, all of our ingredients we use at Cedar Bear are still Kosher certified, Vegan certified, gluten free, and Halal dietary code compliant. At Cedar Bear®, we cannot Kosher certify your products for you. All Kosher certifications go through Scroll K directly; however we will help you through the process.

Your customers will be able to taste and feel the difference. The good taste get's them to try the products and the results keeps them coming back for more. Cedar Bear products are American manufactured, high quality and taste amazing. They are tried and loved by our customers because they can taste the difference that a quality manufacturing process can make. Our products can help you build a returning and profitable customer base as well.

Unlike most other manufacturers of liquid herbal supplements, Cedar Bear does not use alcohol, preservatives or flavoring additives. We use a unique proprietary trade secret method called TincTract that uses a serialized multi-step technology to process herbs. It also includes using glycerin in novel ways that extracts components and nutrients from a botanical while maintaining its properties and effectiveness. As an added bonus, our TincTract process creates stable herbal extracts that are strong, concentrated, taste great, and possess great shelf stability without the need for preservatives, other additives or refrigeration, even after opening!.

Once we have processed our herbs, we combine them into dozens of effective products. 

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No matter what kind of herbal product you are looking for, we want to help you. Whether you are looking to resell one of our pre-existing stock products with private label, or create a custom blend with our Kosher certified ingredients, or have us produce a botanical or mineral as a bulk ingredient to use in foods, beverages, confectionaries, etc., we want to be your source for only the finest of ingredients.