Wellness Benefits of Motherwort Tincture


There are many things that we do every day to boost our wellness and live life more fully. Several supplements can help to achieve that goal and motherwort is one of them. Several studies have been conducted to examine how the herb works and what benefits it provides. The results have been positive. 

Let’s look at this interesting little herb.

What is Motherwort?

Motherwort is perennial in the mint family. You may also know it as lion’s tail. The plant is a bush with long, slender, prickly leaves and fuzzy pink and purple flowers on hollow stalks that grow upright. It is native to Southeastern Europe and Asia but is found all over the world. It is considered an invasive species in the U.S.

The leaves are sometimes used, but fresh tops are preferable for making a tincture. Motherwort has a bitter flavor, and the smell is unpleasant to most people. However, it is one of the most popular herbal remedies for a variety of health benefits.

What are the Benefits of Motherwort?

Motherwort, like many other supplements that are used today, has been used by people for thousands of years. Traditionally, it has been used to promote good health for the female reproductive, boost uterine health, and help to provide calmness while enhancing the mood, especially for women after childbirth. However, men have found it to be beneficial for them as well.

The supplement also provides good support for the heart. Studies have shown that it helps to relax smooth muscles, which would include the heart. In addition to helping provide a calming effect when the heart muscle is tense, it also supports healthy circulation and cholesterol balance as well.

Motherwort provides good support for the body under stress, dealing with tension, or intense emotions. It can help to calm the nervous system.

How do you Take Motherwort?

Motherwort is commonly taken in tincture form which is a concentrated extract of the herb. This is achieved by soaking the plant leaves and other parts that are used, in a liquid. Many companies use alcohol to make their tinctures, but at Cedar Bear, our products are 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements. We use USP-grade vegetable glycerin and purified water.

Recommended dosing for motherwort tincture is 1/8 teaspoon taken 1 to 3 times a day to get the most benefits. It should be shaken well before use.

Also, as with all herbal remedies or supplements, you should talk to your doctor before taking motherwort. This helps to ensure that you are not taking something or have a condition that could cause adverse side effects.

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