Uva Ursi Leaf Herbal Supplement for Bladder Support

Uva Ursi Leaf Herbal Supplement for Bladder Support

Uva Ursi, sometimes referred to as bearberry, is one of those medicinal herbs that you may not hear a lot about. However, this is one of the natural herbal supplements worth getting to know to support good bladder health. Let's take a closer look at Uva Ursi Leaf, its potential benefits, and how to find the best herbal supplements for bladder health.  

A Closer Look at Uva Ursi Leaf

Uva Ursi is a type of evergreen shrub that grows close to the ground. As the plant matures, its branches take on a reddish-brown color, and the flower blooms transform into berries that are especially attractive to bears—hence the name, bearberry. Surprisingly, this herb is one that can be found in quite a few climates, growing in parts of North America, Siberia, and even in Europe. Native Americans have consistently used the plant for various reasons. 

Potential Benefits of Uva Ursi Leaf for the Bladder

While some medicinal herbs offer a host of advantages for different parts of the body, Uva Ursi has primarily been examined for its ability to support the urinary tract and kidneys. The unique properties of the herb offer several levels of support that may help encourage healthier urinary functions. 

1. May Eliminate Excess Fluids

Uva Ursi leaf is naturally a diuretic, which means it helps to eliminate extra fluids from the body through the urinary system. This alone can offer some support to the urinary tract, which is typically responsible for the full process of fluid elimination. 

2. May Act as an Astringent

Uva Ursi contains natural tannins, which are also found in certain types of tea. Tannins are valuable because they may help to pull microbes out of the body and fight certain types of bacteria that can be related to infections of the urinary system. Tannins are also known for soothing inflammation. Uva Ursi Leaf contains tannins, which are known to help promote health bladder function. 

A Note About Using Uva Ursi Leaf

While Uva Ursi obviously has its benefits, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. The herb should only be taken on a limited basis; usually around five days at a time and no more than up to two weeks. In addition, Uva Ursi Leaf may contradict some medications and may cause side effects for some people. Therefore, it is always best to discuss your plans to take this medicinal herb with your physician. 

Find Quality Herbal Supplements for Bladder Health

While Uva Ursi Leaf is available at just about any supplement store, you want to make sure you’re buying the highest quality product. At Cedar Bear, we pride ourselves on 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements and natural herbal supplements. Our Uva Ursi Leaf tincture is made only with the herb, USP-grade vegetable glycerin, and purified water.