Cellular Detox & Cleansing

Cellular Detox & Cleansing
By: Jhoane Robinson

In my last blog, “Detox! Detox! Detox!” I discussed the importance of detoxing and some tips for going about it. This is such an important subject, that we’ll explore it more deeply and how to take detoxing to the cellular level.  

We are constantly exposed to harmful toxins that are not only environmental toxins (pollution, heavy metals, carbon dioxide, chemicals, background radiation, etc.) and toxins that we ingest, but even cellular waste toxins that are created internally in our bodies as natural byproducts of our own metabolisms!

Removing internally created toxins as well as ingested and absorbed toxins from our bodies is an ongoing natural process that our bodies are designed to do every moment of every day. 

When our body’s detoxing processes can’t keep up with our toxic load, harmful substances build up and can cause issues with our immune systems, endocrine systems, hormone dysregulation, cellular function, mental clarity and much more.

While everyone knows that short-term exposure to toxic chemicals makes us sick, you may not realize that when even trace amounts of harmful toxins and heavy metals settle deep in our bodies, they continue to negatively affect our health. Many aches and pains and ongoing feelings of being run down and tired, brain fog, and chronic illness, can actually be caused by accumulated toxins sequestered deeply within our cells!


Deep Cellular Detoxification

Over thirty years ago, Cedar Bear’s Founder and Clinical Herbalist & Master Formulator, Carl Robinson, had a natural integrative health clinic at a medical plaza where he utilized lymphatic and colon cleansing and herbal supplements with his clinical work. He saw the need for a deep cellular detox and cellular cleansing herbal formula that was strong and potent but gentle enough that it could be used even by children to help clear toxins that accumulate in body tissues. That led him to develop Cedar Bear’s Herbal Detox. We’ll discuss Herbal Detox in greater detail, but first, let’s go deeper into what cellular detox is all about.


Where Does Cellular Detoxification Occur?

“The cells are the basic building blocks of all living things.” (U.S. National Library of Medicine) One of the things toxins do when cellular toxicity sets in is cause issues with our cellular function. When toxins settle in our body systems, we need to remove them at a cellular level to restore healthy homeostasis in the body. Doing a deep cellular cleanse right down to the cell membrane is important for maintaining your health.


How Do You Flush Toxins Out of Your Cells?

It takes some time. This is not a “one and done” process. What may have taken years to accumulate in your tissues takes time and effort to clear out.

What Are Some Natural Detoxification Processes?

Your main detox pathways for processing and flushing toxins from your entire body are your digestive system, kidneys, liver/gall bladder, and lymphatic system. To deeply detox, first we need to help these pathways open up to better clear out deeply imbedded toxins.


 The health of your gut is vital to the health of the rest of your body. The colon eliminates extra waste through the bowels as feces.

infographic about the body's natural detox processes including kidneys, gall bladder, liver, lymphatic system and digestive system


Our kidneys act as a natural filtration system for the body’s fluid systems, removing waste, toxins, and excess fluid from the blood as urine.

Liver/Gall Bladder

Your liver is your body’s primary filtration system for the blood and removes wastes, toxins and contaminants from your blood. Liver enzymes break down heavier waste and toxins that are shuttled to the gall bladder where it is dumped as bile into the gut to be removed from the body.

Lymphatic System

An important part of your immune system, the lymphatic system handles elimination of metabolic waste, toxins, and cellular debris from your muscles and tissues. It deals with larger molecular size and weight compounds than may get into the blood to be reduced and neutralized in the lymph nodes and later dumped into the blood stream via the thoracic duct and then liver for further neutralizing and finally eliminated by the kidneys and/or digestive system. 

As you can see, the natural day-to-day process of cleansing and detoxifying the body involves all the body’s neutralizing and eliminative systems being integrated and working together. On a physiological and biochemical level, it is a very complicated process, and goes on 24/7 of every day and moment of our lives.


Tips for Assisting with Cellular Detoxification

Lightening the toxic load in your environment and diet is very important. There are lifestyle changes you can make that will help open up your detoxifying pathways (digestive system, kidneys, liver/gall bladder, lymphatics, and sweat glands), and help bring down the toxic load in your body. In India’s Ayurvedic Medicine system, detoxing is very important to clear ama (toxins) and general inflammation from the body. The following suggestions are similar to those used in an Ayurvedic cleanse:

Clean up Your Environment

  • Anything you put in, on, or around your body can be contributing to toxic overload. This includes, of course, smoking.
  • Reduce chemicals in your environment. This includes personal care items as well as Keep your home and work environment clean and clear of dust and molds.

Clean Up Your Diet

  • Eat and drink antioxidant rich foods and fluids that help remove toxins.
  • Eat foods that are as close to original source as possible: whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid processed and junk foods and soda drinks.
  • Avoid too much dairy products, especially heavy dairy products. 
  • Avoid trans fats (hydrogenated oils), processed grains and added sugars.
  • Drinking 8+ glasses of pure water each day is one of the most important things we need to do to help the body clear toxins. Kombucha, apple cider vinegar and kefir are also good for your gut.
  • Supplementing with amino acids, digestive enzymes, and probiotics supports gut health.

Clean Up Your Lifestyle

  • Exercise regularly – Did you know that deep breathing and bodily movement is the only way the lymphatic fluids can move in the body? Moving your body moves lymphatic system fluids, which clears toxins.
  • Bring down your stress levels. Practice stress reduction techniques, such as meditating.
  • Get enough restful sleep.
  • Try an infrared sauna or incandescent sauna for detoxing and supporting cellular energy.


Now, add dietary supplement support with herbs like Cedar Bear’s Herbal Detox. 


How Can Herbal Supplements Aid Cellular Detoxification & Blood Purification?

Nature has provided amazing herbs that can be used as herbal supplements to support blood purification and blood cleansing. Blood cleanser and blood purifier herbs are a wonderful way to recondition the liver, condition the blood, loosen up lymph fluids, and bring a state of overall wellbeing to both body and mind. Doing blood cleansing and blood detox work supports healthy blood circulation. A few well-known blood cleansing herbs that help with the detoxification process are burdock root, dandelion root, and yellow dock root.

Specific Dietary Supplements to Help Cellular Detoxing

Herbal Detox by Cedar Bear is a complex, all-natural herbal formula with 14 herbs, including burdock and yellow dock, to gives a gentle and deep cellular detox.

Herbal Detox goes deep inside your body tissues and helps clear out metabolic and environmental toxins. While a powerful synergistic formula, the herbs in Herbal Detox work together to gently purify and condition (cleanse) your blood, liver, lymphatic system and other tissues of the body. Herbal Detox not only helps to detox your body systems, it helps protect and build your liver and overall health with herb-based antioxidants that help clear free radicals from your blood, (free radicals are unbalanced molecules that damage health). For a deep detox, use Herbal Detox daily, double the dose, for at least two weeks at a time while following the above suggestions.

Not only can you use Herbal Detox for a deep detox program, but you can use it to support your athletic activities. Working out increases production of normal metabolic wastes and free radicals.

Add Herbal Detox to your weight loss support program. As you work to lose weight, your body tries to protect you from toxins that have accumulated in your tissues and stubbornly holds onto the pounds you are trying to shed.

Other Important Detoxing and Cleansing Formulas by Cedar Bear

Cedar Bear’s Intestinal Cleanse and Lymphatic Cleanse work well with Herbal Detox. Intestinal Cleanse helps clear unwanted influences from the gut while supporting gut health, and Lymphatic Cleanse targets the lymphatic system, activating immune function while it helps the lymphatic system clean and clear lymph fluids.

Iodine is essential for thyroid health, metabolism and immunity. Every cell in the body needs and requires iodine! When your body tissues have enough iodine, detoxification activities work better. Cedar Bear was the first to produce a mono-element, alcohol-free triiodide of iodine. Adding it to your detox regime helps everything function better!

How do you support your cellular detox needs? Turn to Cedar Bear, a name you can trust!


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