Detox! Detox! Detox! Why Detox? and How Certain Herbs for Detoxing Can Help!

Detox! Detox! Detox! Why Detox? and How Certain Herbs for Detoxing Can Help!

By: Jhoane Robinson


There’s a lot of buzz about detoxing, and for good reason! Let’s take a closer look at detoxing, why it is so important, AND how you can detox the different systems of your body gently with herbs without the typical discomfort that many detox programs put you through.

 What to Detox From?

Today’s world isn’t as clean and safe as it should be. There are pollutants and chemicals that are not good for us in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and many foods we eat, especially processed foods! There are cleaning chemicals and smelly air fresheners inside, poisons to kill bugs and weeds outside, and many of us unknowingly use products that contribute to the chemical loading in our bodies.

Detoxification Happens Naturally

Our bodies are detoxing every moment of every day! Even without environmental toxins, just being living, breathing humans creates metabolic wastes that have to constantly be cleared out.

The body filters our blood in the liver, where toxins are processed then sent for elimination through our kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin.

 So Why Do a Detox?

Because our body systems are so taxed by toxic loads from our environment and stressors in our lives, we often need extra detox support to help our systems cleanse and remove these extra impurities. Not only does short-term exposure to toxic chemicals make us sick, but when even trace amounts of toxins and heavy metals settle deep inside the tissues of your body, they negatively affect your health. It’s really important to support your digestive tract and overall immune function. Helping your body detox is part of building a healthy lifestyle! Doing a detox can even help your energy levels.

 How Do You Know if You Need to Detox?

If you experience unexplained fatigue, slow elimination, irritated skin, puffy eyes, general bloating, feeling ‘congested,’ or mental fogginess, those may be clues that your body needs a bit of extra detoxification support. 

 What Happens When You Detox?

As long as you are drinking lots of pure water, eating light, and exercising, your body will detox pretty easily with proper herbal support. The choice of herbs you use to target different systems of the body will likely kick your body into elimination mode, so you may experience more ‘toilet time.’

 Which Herbs Can Help?

Nature has provided us with herbs that specifically help with clearing and detoxing our bodies. Some of these herbs for cleansing: burdock root, dandelion root, dandelion leaf, nettle leaf, turmeric root, black pepper, juniper berry, and many more that when combined with these and other herbs help the body clear out. Herbs have been used for centuries in such health systems as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda (in India) for cleansing and detoxing for better health.

 How Long Does It Take to Detox Your Body?

A typical detox takes about two-three weeks.

 When Can You Detox?

While a detox can be done any time of the year, a Spring Cleanse is excellent for a focused detox, as we have been inside most of the time and our bodies have been collecting more metabolic toxins, our diets typically have lacked fresh veggies and fruits, with lots of post-holiday stuffiness.

NOTE: Never detox during pregnancy, nursing, or when taking certain medications.

 What Helps Detoxing? A Guide to a Detox Diet:

  •   Hydrate! Drink eight 8 oz glasses of pure water each day, even more during
    a detox. Include a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in water. Avoid soda pop!
  •     Exercise! This helps support healthy blood pressure levels and helps move fluids in your lymphatic system. Regular exercise gives regular benefits.
  •     Eat light! Broths and lighter foods during a detox. What you do eat, make sure it’s healthy, with nutritious, fiber rich foods to benefit all systems of the body.
  •     Eat citrus and foods with Vitamin C. Oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberries, broccoli, and sweet and hot red peppers.
  •     Eat steamed green veggies, especially leafy greens. Add to smoothies.
  •     Red and purple fruits and vegetables have anthocyanin antioxidants: cherries, beets, purple cabbage, blueberries.
  •     Probiotics help feed the beneficial gut flora so not only does your digestion function better, but your overall immune and urinary systems function better, as well.

 Detox Natural Supplements:

Cedar Bear has several herbal remedies that support your body’s natural detox actions.

Cedar Bear herbs are all-natural and contain only the herb, water, and glycerin. Nothing else! You get the health benefits of the herbs as true dietary supplements.

 Let’s go over them:

Herbal Detox – Goes deep inside your body and gently helps clear out metabolic and environmental toxins, purify and condition (cleanse) your blood and your liver, lymphatic system, and other tissues of the body. Also helps protect your liver and overall health with herb-based antioxidants that help clear health damaging free radicals from your blood. INGREDIENTS: Sarsaparilla Root, Elder Berry, Chicory Root, Lemon Peel, Milk Thistle Seed, Sweet Goldenrod Herb, Black Walnut Hull, Burdock Root, Sage Leaf, Yellow Dock Root, Yarrow Leaf/Flower, Chaparral Leaf/Stem, Usnea Lichen, Goldenseal Root. 


Lymphatic Cleanse & Kids Lymphatic Cleanse – Helps the lymphatic system drain excess fluids from tissues throughout the body and keep body fluids moving and taken where they can be cleansed and wastes removed. INGREDIENTS: Red Root Bark, Echinacea Purpurea Root, Elder Berry, Plantain Leaf, Graviola Leaf, Blue Vervain Herb, Yarrow Leaf/Flower, Myrrh Oleo-Gum-Resin, Thyme Leaf. 


Intestinal Cleanse & Kids Intestinal Cleanse – Everyone, from young children through adulthood, as well as our pets, will benefit from doing a digestive system cleanse to help clear things out. INGREDIENTS: Black Walnut Hull, Orange Peel, Lavender Flower, European Pennyroyal Herb, Clove Bud, Gentian Root, Wormwood Leaf/Stem, Tansy Herb. 


Liver Build – The liver filters blood and removes wastes and contaminants and breaks down toxins like medications and natural byproducts of metabolism. Liver Build helps protect and support liver function and tissues so your liver can do its job better. INGREDIENTS: Milk Thistle Seed, Schisandra Berry, Calendula Flower, Reishi Mushroom, Usnea Lichen.


Kidney & Bladder and Kids Kidney Kool – Gently builds kidney and urinary tract functions without irritating or stressing, and has a gentle cleaning action on the urinary tract that helps strengthen urinary tract function. INGREDIENTS: Juniper Berry, Cleavers Leaf/Stem, Dandelion Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf, Cornsilk, Chanca Piedra Herb, Hawthorn Leaf, Horsetail Herb. 


Kidney Clear – Has a gentle fluid-clearing diuretic action that benefits the kidneys so they can do their best job filtering the blood and keep body fluids, pH, and minerals in healthy balance. A bonus is that this formula also supports clear functioning of the liver and gallbladder/bile production. Chanca Piedra, which literally means “Breaker of Stones” and helps keep your kidneys and gallbladders clear. INGREDIENTS: Chanca Piedra Herb, Burdock Root, Horsetail Herb, Hydrangea Root, Marshmallow Root, Goldenrod Herb, Couch Grass Rhizome, Horse Chestnut.


Turmeric Golden Drops – Helps your digestive system, boosts your immune system, helps clear your respiratory system, and clears metabolic toxins from your body with powerful antioxidant action. INGREDIENTS: Turmeric Root, black pepper seed, cinnamon bark, ginger root, rosemary leaf, sage leaf.


EC Blend – Based on the original ESSIAC formula. INGREDIENTS: Burdock root, sheep sorrel herb, slippery elm inner bark, Chinese rhubarb root.


Uri-Lixer™ –  Supports the body’s natural inflammatory response, cools tissues and also supports healthy blood pressure with a diuretic action that helps increase urine output and stimulates the kidneys, supports liver function, helps detoxify the body, and relaxes tissues in the kidney/urinary system. Stinging Nettle supports urinary tract health, stimulates the kidneys to produce more urine and helps the body flush toxins. Burdock Root is detoxifying and cleanses the liver and lymphatic systems. INGREDIENTS: Tart Cherry Fruit, Devil’s Claw Root, Celery Seed, Chanca Piedra Herb, White Willow Bark, Stinging Nettle Leaf, Turmeric Root, Burdock Root, Black Peppercorn, Marshmallow Root, Ginger Root.


Pet’s Coat Care – (Good for people, too!) Has a gentle liver and blood cleansing action and supports and builds digestive health by helping stimulate the production of digestive juices and building tissue strength in the digestive tract. INGREDIENTS: Burdock root, dandelion root, sarsaparilla root, beet root, calendula flower, Oregon grape root, anise seed, lemon peel. 

NOTE: Consult your medical health profession before undertaking a detox, even with natural remedies, especially if you are taking medications.

Cedar Bear Naturales

Whenever you or any family member needs specific support with Detoxing, go to the Cedar Bear website where you will find these and other health supporting herbal formulas. Cedar Bear herbs are like a super concentrated herbal tea, just take a dropperful or two. AND they are easy to take! Take them straight from the bottle (they taste good to great), or put them in your water, herbal tea, detox drink, smoothie… however you like to take them! 

Cedar Bear Naturales – The herbal company founded by herbalists, run by herbalists, with herbal formulas formulated by herbalists!

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