What Does Heal All Leaf Do?

What Does Heal All Leaf Do?

When you come across certain herbal remedies available in an online supplement store like at Cedar Bear, some names naturally capture your curiosity. With a name like "heal all leaf," Prunella vulgaris is one of those natural herbal supplements hard to ignore. This humble little flowering plant has a long history as an aid for health and wellness, but can it really heal all? Let's take a closer look at how the plant got its name and why you may want to get a closer look. 

What is “Heal All Leaf”?

Prunella vulgaris is a short-statured, flowering plant that spreads across the ground in areas where it grows wild. The plant is part of the mint family, even though it does not taste like or smell like mint at all. Instead, heal all has aromatics and flavor qualities closer to rosemary. 

What are the benefits of heal all leaf supplements?

Heal all is a gentle herb, so it has been a trusted go-to herb for all kinds of people and for an array of reasons. The plant is naturally astringent, has no known toxicity, and is even safe for consumption as food. 

While the medical research into heal all leaf is limited, the initial findings have given a glimpse into just why people all over the world have used this trusted herb for centuries. 

1. May Stimulate Immune Cells

Test tube studies have shown that a certain type of carbohydrate found in Prunella vulgaris may stimulate macrophages, which are immune system cells. The stimulation of these cells gains a greater support to the immune system. A cream made with heal all leaf has even been examined as a topical agent in animal studies to reduce sores and lesions on the skin. 

2. May Inhibit Metabolic Enzymes

Metabolic enzymes in the body are important to your overall health. However, if you struggle with higher levels of blood glucose, the breakdown of certain carbohydrates can work against you. Animal studies have shown that heal all leaf may help to inhibit certain enzymes to help you maintain more consistent blood sugar levels. 

3. May Offer Intestinal Support

Minimal research has shown that heal all leaf may be helpful for people who deal with problems that affect the gut and intestines. While no human studies have been performed, researchers have noted that the herb can support gastrointestinal tract tissues. 

Try Heal All Leaf to Support Good Health

So maybe heal all leaf is not for every situation, but the initial research into the medicinal value of this herbal remedy is worthy of a look. Looking for the best 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements? At Cedar Bear, we offer a full lineup, including Heal All Leaf liquid supplement. As always, our heal all leaf is ethically harvested, organically grown, and tested for purity.