How the Chanca Piedra Herb Promotes Kidney Health

How the Chanca Piedra Herb Promotes Kidney Health

For more than 2,000 years, herbalist in India have been using chanca piedra to promote health. For centuries, Amazonians has revered this herb’s properties to help maintain renal health, from the kidneys to the bladder and ureter. You don’t need to travel to the tropics, however, to experience the benefits of this small, grassy shrub. Chanca piedra is one of the many liquid herbal supplements carried in our online natural herbal supplements store.

“Stone Breaker” History

Chanca piedra translates as “stone breaker.” The name came from Spanish explorers, after learning that the indigenous people of Amazonian regions were effectively using the herb to break up kidney stones and generally maintain the health of the urinary tract. The Amazonian version, Phyllanthus niruri, grows wild in coastal areas as far north as Texas and well into South America, including Peru, Brazil and Argentina. Other varieties of the herb are native to Southeast Asia, China and India, where it has long been a staple of Ayurvedic medicine. Researchers note little difference in the makeup of the various versions as all are effective medicinal herbs. 

Botanical Dynamo

It may grow no more than two feet tall, with thin branches bearing small oval leaves and tiny green flowers, but chanca piedra packs a powerful punch. It contains more than 70 different kinds of polyphenols, which can support heart health, boost immunity and manage blood sugar levels, among other things. A few of those health-boosting polyphenols are unique to chanca piedra

The Amazon has long been an abundant source of herbs. Naturopaths and botanists theorize that plants growing in a region so filled with bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites need a robust makeup to survive. This would explain the richness of plant chemicals.

Renal-Friendly Properties

Modern research shows that chanca piedra’s pharmacopeia of polyphenols can lower the uric acid content in urine while also promoting urine flow. In addition to diuretic properties, chanca piedra also soothes muscle tissue throughout the urinary tract.

One particularly useful compound in this herb is geraniin, which helps with quelling temporary stomach spasms and intestinal gas and soothe and relax intestinal tissues. 

Other Health Benefits

Chanca piedra is effective in supporting liver and digestive health as well. It even contributes to cardiovascular health.

Over the centuries, this grass-like herb has been used in many ways to support overall health and well-being of the human body. It is small wonder this small plant has ranked so high for so long among natural herbal supplements.