Herbal Supplements to Support Your Pet’s Health

Herbal Supplements to Support Your Pet’s Health

From the laughs they give to the snuggles and wet kisses they share, we sure do love our pets. While many canine and feline illnesses can mean an unavoidable trip to the veterinarian for help, some can be avoided with the proper preventative care. Pets, just like the humans that love them, can benefit from natural herbal supplements when it comes to their overall health and well-being. 

Daily Health Support for Pets

Even with some of the most expensive dog or cat food, your pet may still be lacking some of those vital nutrients to truly protect health and wellness. Some cat food, for instance, consists of more than 40 percent carbohydrates when a cat should be getting at least 50 percent protein and only 2 percent of its full diet from carbs. 

Picking up a good natural herbal supplement that will deliver some of those nutrients your pet needs is a good investment in their long-term health. Cedar Bear Daily Needs for Pets is a great example of a well-rounded support supplement for everyday health. The supplement is made of natural herbs like yarrow flower, alfalfa leaf, and raspberry leaf to deliver vital minerals your pet needs for vitality. 

Pet Supplements for Fur and Coat Care

A dog or cat's coat is its first line of defense against weather, parasites, and injury. Did you know excessive shedding can be a sign your dog or cat's organs are being overloaded with toxins? Digestive problems can affect coat quality, shedding volume, and the texture of the coat because the toxins that accumulate in the organs can affect skin health and coat growth. 

To make sure your pet has the support they need from the inside out, consider adding Coat Care to their daily routine. Coat Care is formulated with ingredients like lemon peel, dandelion root and beetroot to help support the liver and digestive system. These herbal cleansing agents get in your fur baby's system and work to clear out toxins that can impede coat quality and health. 

Herbal Remedies for Digestive Support

Whether your four-legged family member is a dog or a cat, they spend a lot of time exploring and putting questionable things in their mouths. Unfortunately, this can lead to disruption of the animal's digestive tract. Gastrointestinal issues are the most common reason for vet visits, but sometimes, these issues can be avoided with the right herbal remedies.

Intestinal Cleanse, for example, is formulated with black walnut hull, clove bud, lavender, and orange peel to gently cleanse the digestive system for pets. In addition, the formula promotes healthy levels of flora in the intestines. 

Find High-Quality Herbal Supplements for Pets

Naturally, when you are giving supplements to pets, you do have to be especially vigilant to make sure you are picking the best products. Herbal remedies and pet supplements should always be: 

  • Thoroughly tested 
  • Sourced from reliable ingredients
  • Completely alcohol-free 
  • Free of unnecessary additives 

At Cedar Bear’s online supplement store, we take just as much pride in products for pets as we do in products for their two-legged owners. Some herbal supplements are even safe enough for both pets and people. Check out our full collection of 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements to support the health of your best furry pals.