Herbal Supplements for Your Pet’s Joint and Muscle Support in Your Pets

Herbal Supplements for Your Pet’s Joint and Muscle Support in Your Pets

What better way to celebrate National Pet Day than to start Fido on natural supplements for healthy joints and muscles? Herbal supplements for pets can keep your dog, cat, bird, lizard, or rabbit romping longer. Natural herbs such as alfalfa, devil’s claw, horsetail and yucca promote joint and muscle health while being easy on your pet’s digestive system. You’ll find these ingredients in our herbal extract, Pet’s Joyful Joints.


For millennia, man has grown alfalfa as a forage crop, valued for the deep roots that extract a boatload of healthy minerals. This legume got its name from the Arabic for “father of foods.”

Good nutrition lies at the heart of healthy bones, muscles and connective tissue. Modern studies show that alfalfa help to temporarily ease joints. Its blood purifying benefits discourage the buildup of waste products that can undermine joint health.

Devil’s Claw

The root of devil’s claw, native to Southern Africa, which gets its sinister name from the weird hooks surrounding its fruit, has historically been used for minor sore muscles. Modern veterinarians continue to use it today for the same properties.


Gardeners who consider horsetail an invasive pest may appreciate its hardiness—or the hardiness it confers. Native to the temperate zones on several continents, this highly adaptable wetland plant has been around since the Paleozoic era. Its applications date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Native Americans valued horsetail’s diuretic properties, supporting kidney function

Horsetail also doubles as an edible. In its secondary bristly stage, it suggests a horse’s tail, but its early tan shoots resemble asparagus, in both looks and taste.


Yucca similarly serves multiple functions. The spiny leaves and tall flower stalks offer ornamental interest in gardens all over the world. The root multitasks as a food source, shampoo and herb. The sudsy properties in the root of the yucca are one reason for the plant’s fame. Their soaping action on the intestinal lining improves the absorption of minerals essential for health. Yucca works with the immune system to promote joyful joints in your pet. 

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