Give the Gift of Well-Being: 10 Cedar Bear Stocking Stuffers

Give the Gift of Well-Being: 10 Cedar Bear Stocking Stuffers

Giving those you love the gift of wellness is the best way to show you care. At Cedar Bear, we have a wide selection of 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements designed to keep everyone feeling their best in the coming year. Here are 10 of our favorite blends that make excellent stocking stuffers this holiday season.

1. Echinacea Super Immune

Keep your immune system thriving. Our Echinacea Super Immune helps maintain upper respiratory health and supports the liver, gallbladder, and lymphatic system for optimal health. Best of all, it’s ideal for the whole family.

2. Energy Blend

Our lives are busier now than ever before. Put down the coffee and enjoy a natural boost of energy with our special Energy Blend. It includes a special mix of mate, guarana, and green tea to give you the extra support you need to get through the day. Plus, it’s also gluten- and dairy-free.

3. Women’s Support Daily

Give that special woman in your life the gift of wellness with our Women’s Support Daily blend. This complex herbal formula is designed to balance mood and help the endocrine system maintain a healthy balance for better hormonal and reproductive health.

4. Brain Booster

Staying sharp and focused is important. Our Brain Booster formula makes a great gift and provides enhanced oxygenated blood flow circulation for improved memory and cognitive function. For those who hit the gym frequently, this blend can also boost stamina and endurance.

5. Sinus Support

Clear your sinuses and get them draining properly with our Sinus Support blend. It’s a great product to keep on hand when airborne dust, pollen, food sensitivities and other pollutants irritate the sinuses. 

6. Immune Booster for Kids

Keep your kids healthy and happy throughout the year. Our Immune Booster for Kids is designed to support a strong immune response throughout their entire body. 

7. Maca Root

There are certain feminine health issues that come along with age and some of the side effects can be highly uncomfortable. Our Maca Root blend is specifically designed to enhance energy, build on blood iron levels, and strengthen the immune system for female menstrual and menopausal support.

8. Tummy Settle with Ginger for Kids

Stomach bugs are a fact of life for families with children. Give the parents in your life a little peace of mind with our Tummy Settle with Ginger for Kids. This special blend of ginger and other herbs helps ease queasy and sensitive stomachs quickly and effectively. 

9.Libido Support for Men

Give that special man in your life a boost of mojo with our Libido Support for Men. This special blend of all-natural herbs helps strengthen the male reproductive system and improve blood flow to lower extremities. 

10. Pets Now! Daily Needs

Of course, you can’t leave your furry friend out when it comes to gift giving. Our Pets Now! Daily Needs blend is alcohol-free and gives them just the right amount of nutritional support for a long and healthy life. And it isn’t just for cats or dogs, as reptiles and birds also can use it daily too.

Cedar Bear for Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Fill your stockings with love and wellness this holiday season. Our Cedar Bear 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements are an ideal way to support your family’s health and wellbeing throughout the coming year. Check out our online store for more great ideas.