Elderberry Herbal Supplement for Immune System Health

Elderberry Herbal Supplement for Immune System Health

In recent years, Elderberry has received a lot of press as one of the most effective herbs to boost immune system health. Herbalists on both sides of the Atlantic have known of Elderberry's benefits long before it began "trending." Ranking high among natural supplements, Elderberry provides great "bang for your buck" because it is effective, widely available and inexpensive (not to mention delicious!) The specific variant most commonly used, Sambucus nigra, may be native to Europe, but has become naturalized in many temperate climates. Elderberry is also an ingredient in several of our immune-boosting blends.

Elderberry’s Immune-Boosting Properties

Elderberry contains levels of Vitamins C and A, essential to proper immune function. It is also packed with antioxidants to combat free radicals which make this an excellent support for any health needs.

Other Benefits

As a source of the potassium, Elderberry tincture figures among those herbal supplements that support cardiac health. Elderberry is also a source of various minerals essential to strong bones. Elderberry has both diuretic and light laxative properties, supporting kidney function and bowel regularity. In addition, this special berry can help balance blood sugar levels. The Glycerin we use to manufacture all Cedar Bear products adds to the natural sweetness of the Elderberry, but our products have no added sweetener or sugars and are Keto Friendly! If you're taking Cayenne for metabolism support or Ginger to boost digestion, a few drops of Elderberry are a great way to balance the flavor. Here in the Cedar Bear office, Elderberry is one of our favorite single-herbs to mix into our daily routines. 

Check out our Elderberry herbal tincture, along with all of our single-herb supplements in our online store. Our proprietary TincTract® process produces liquid herbs that are concentrated and have a long shelf life, with no additives, chemical preservatives or added flavoring. All of our products adhere to the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices standard and are certified Kosher, Vegan Certified and Gluten-Free. Because no alcohol is used in making the herbal liquid supplements, all Cedar Bear products are also Halal compliant.