Calming Herbal Supplement for Your Pets on 4th of July

Calming Herbal Supplement for Your Pets on 4th of July

The 4th of July is a day that many pet owners dread as the resounding booms and sharp bangs of fireworks stress out their pets to the point of near insanity. Animals stressed out by fireworks tend to engage in unwanted behaviors that range from involuntary waste elimination to running away. It's impossible to stop the fireworks from happening, but it is possible to take steps to keep your pet calm with pet supplements designed to reduce anxiety without the use of medication. There's nothing wrong with using pharmaceuticals to keep a pet calm, but not all pets can tolerate the side effects. Herbal remedies for pet stress allow your pet to relax during the loudest part of the holiday. 

Why Fireworks Affect Some Pets More Than Others

Pets are just like people when it comes to personalities. There are pets who are mellow and aren't bothered by anything, then there are pets that can't tolerate the slightest of noises under any circumstance. All pets are prone to moments of jumpiness, but it's the ones that are considered high-strung that are most likely to be upset and stressed out by the sound of fireworks. 

A high-strung pet is one with a highly reactive nervous system provided to them by nature or nurture. They take longer to relax, are always on-guard, and can be tougher to train because they resist accepting there's no danger nearby. This constant state of being alert does not mix well with fireworks, and a remedy of some kind is needed to preserve everyone's mental health.

Herbal supplements for pets are a great option to help pets relax during the 4th of July.

Herbal Remedies to Reduce Pet Stress are Proven to Work and are Well-Tolerated

Liquid herbal supplements, such as Pet's Calm Down from Cedar Bear, are pet supplements that are easy to administer, control the dosage, effective upon digestion, and don't have side effects. Herbal supplements for pets that help manage anxiety use ingredients such as passionflower leaf, English lavender, skullcap herb, and valerian root. Herbal remedies are made from natural ingredients that are easily digested and absorbed. They also contain enough ingredients to maximize bioavailability and effectiveness of each dose.

The calming qualities of these herbs have been known for a long time, but modern agricultural techniques and laboratory testing have made it easier than ever before to regulate and control how much active ingredient goes into liquid herbal supplements. Pet owners can rest assured that the pet supplements will work the same from one bottle to the next, and that their pet will benefit from their calming effects even during the worst of the 4th of July fireworks.

In the event your pet is currently on a medication or has a health condition, it's advisable to discuss herbal supplements for pets with your veterinarian prior to starting their use.