Best Herbal Supplements for Your Pet


Our pets are like family, and they depend on us for everything. They are secure knowing that they will be fed, will always have fresh water, will have a warm, dry place to sleep, and they will get lots of love.

And when it comes to their health, they rely on us too.

Pet health is important. You want your dog or cat to be with you for as long as possible so by keeping them healthy you can help ensure that.

Cedar Bear’s herbal supplements for pets are a natural way to treat issues like stomach upset, nervousness, and overall wellness so you have a healthier, happier pet.

Are Herbal Supplements for Pets Safe?

It is important to understand that now all-natural pet supplements are the same. Some are made with substandard herbs and unnatural fillers. That is why reading the label is so important! 

When taken correctly, Cedar Bear herbal supplements that are developed specifically for pets are indeed very safe. All our supplements for both humans and pets are all-natural and alcohol-free. In fact, all our supplements contain just three substances: herbs, purified water, and USP grade vegetable glycerin.

That’s it. No fillers, no alcohol, nothing but what you need.

Each liquid supplement has high-quality herbs that are backed by lots of scientific research. We found the right combinations of herbs to address certain issues and put them together to form herbal remedies that are safe and effective.

Cedar Bear Pet Supplements

Many medications can have harmful side effects or introduce synthetic ingredients into your pet’s body – things they don’t need

Natural herbal remedies give your pet what they need without all the junk. They get high-quality herbs that that are carefully combined to create supplements and remedies that work.

Cedar Bear’s herbal supplements for pets address a variety of pet needs:

  • Pet’s Queasy Ease – Digestive System - Ginger root, fennel seed, peppermint leaf
  • Pet’s Joyful Joints – Structural Support - Fenugreek seed, alfalfa leaf, black walnut hull, horsetail herb, cornsilk, yucca root, devil’s claw root, stinging nettle leaf
  • Pet’s Intestinal Cleanse – Digestive System - European pennyroyal herb, tansy herb, orange peel, gentian root, black walnut hull, wormwood leaf/stem, clove bud, lavender flower
  • Pet’s Daily Needs – Structural Support - Raspberry leaf, alfalfa leaf, peppermint leaf, horsetail herb, oat straw, chamomile flower, stinging nettle leaf, yarrow leaf/ flower, dill herb
  • Pet’s coat Care – Digestive System/Liver - Calendula flower, burdock root, lemon peel, beetroot, anise seed, dandelion root, Oregon grape root, sarsaparilla root
  • Pet’s Calm Down – Nervous System - Chamomile flower, valerian root, English lavender flower, skullcap herb, passionflower leaf, hops strobile

How do You Give Pets Herbal Supplements?

When it comes to taking supplements, pets are a lot like people. Some will take the drops without a full because they love the taste. Others may be a bit more of a challenge.

There are a few ways you can get your pet to take their supplements.

Cook a little plain bone broth and put the drops in a tablespoon to about half a cup, depending on the size of the pet. Let them lap up the delicious broth and take their supplements at the same time.

You can also put the drops in their food, on a treat, or in their water.

If all else fails, hold your pet and gently put the dropper in the side of their mouth, as far back as you can get it, and put the drops in the middle of their tongue. Going from the side like that is easier because you can do it quickly.

Find Natural Supplements for Pets at the Best Online Herbal Supplements Store

Shop Cedar Bear for herbal supplements for your whole family – four-legged family members included. Our 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements are made with the finest herbs available and all-natural ingredients by a name you can trust.

You want your pets to be healthy and happy, to be with you for a long time. Good health is a good start. Put good things in, and you get good things out. It really is that simple.