5 Wellness Benefits of a Lymphatic Cleanse

5 Wellness Benefits of a Lymphatic Cleanse

The human body is a marvel of internal interconnectedness. This is particularly true of the lymphatic system, which is essential to the proper functioning of every single organ, including the body’s largest organ, the skin. Fortunately, Mother Nature has equipped us with diverse herbs to maximize lymphatic function, by periodically cleansing the system. You’ll find these herbal supplements in our online supplement store: Lymphatic Cleanse and Lymphatic Cleanse for Kids. Give these detox supplements a try, and you’ll be gratified by the happy benefits you experience from head to toe. 

1. Robust Immune Support

It’s no coincidence that our natural lymphatic cleanses include herbs for immune system health: echinacea and elderberry, for example. The lymphatic system is one of the first lines of defense against all sorts of pathogens and toxins. Early on, those unwelcome interlopers meet up with lymph, the fluid that travels through its own network of capillaries. The interlopers filter through the lymph nodes, equipped with white blood cells, and eventually move into lymph trunks and finally lymph ducts, for final drainage, in concert with the circulatory, digestive and renal systems. By facilitating the movement of lymph, cleanses can help boost your immune system function.

2. Healthy Digestion

The intestines are ground zero for “gut-associated lymphatic tissues.” A healthy gut is essential to overall health and if the lymphatic system is working well, the digestive system is happy. The bowels move regularly, and the intestines absorb nutrients efficiently. 

3. Balanced Fluid Levels

Unlike blood, lymph lacks a dedicated pump to get it where it needs to go. Proper lymphatic function depends on such variables as muscular contractions, the pulsing pressure from blood arteries, temperature changes and deep breathing. When all those variables are in sync, lymph can move efficiently, and the body can maintain a proper balance of fluids. A lymphatic cleanse can support a proper balance of the body’s fluids.

4. Increased Energy

When a car no longer zips around curves, a little fuel cleanser to clean out engine sludge can restore that vehicle to the peppy roadrunner it was right out of the showroom. Detoxing your lymphatic system can have a similarly energizing effect. It can support vitality and brain function. 

5. Glowing Skin

The skin also benefits from periodic lymphatic tune-ups. If the body’s primary drainage mechanism is working effectively, then skin complexion glows when the body is efficiently and regularly taking care of the toxins it encounters every day.