5 Adaptogenic Herbs for Maintaining Hormonal Balance

5 Adaptogenic Herbs for Maintaining Hormonal Balance

Adaptogens are ideal supplements for alleviating temporary anxiety and stress. By nourishing those body systems tasked with adapting to psychological and physiological challenges, adaptogenic herbs ensure the hormonal balance necessary to respond to and recover from stress. You’ll find these powerhouses among our 100% alcohol-free herbal supplements online. We offer them as single herb extracts and in the blends, Adrenal Balance and Ginseng Vitality.

1. Ashwagandha Root

Native to India, this shrubby, less than fragrant nightshade wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice for the garden. It acquired its name from the Sanskrit for “horse smell.” Nevertheless, it has often been the first choice, over millennia, of Ayurvedic healers as an overall tonic. It is particularly effective supporting thyroid function. It also numbers among those adaptogenic herbs that boost immune system naturally, increase muscle mass, improve libido (in both sexes) and support cognitive function.

2. Ginseng Root

Ginseng shares a similarly revered and ancient status in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the herb has multiple restorative applications including support for the thyroid system. Ginseng is another immune-booster, strength enhancer and memory stabilizer. Variants of this five-fingered ivy are native to China, Siberia, Korea and North America.

3. Holy Basil Leaf

This aromatic native of India resembles its Genoa basil cousin, but with hairy stems and tougher leaves. The taste is less sweet, earthier and spicier. Its culinary appeal, however, ranks behind its medicinal reputation, which dates back 3,000 years. Holy basil can support healthy blood sugar, liver function and nourishing mental clarity. None of those properties would surprise ancient Hindus, who dubbed the herb “tulsi,” Sanskrit for “the incomparable one.”

4. Maca Root

Sometimes called “Peruvian ginseng,” this turnip-like member of the mustard family has a long reputation for boosting physical strength and energy. Two millennia ago, Andean people began cultivating maca after witnessing the benefits the wild plants conferred on grazing livestock. Spanish conquistadors so valued maca’s properties that the root was part of the imperial tribute demanded from the natives. Spanish soldiers ate the root to enhance their battle performance. Modern studies support maca’s energizing properties and high mineral content.

5. Rhodiola Root

Rhodiola is another adaptogen that thrives in extraordinarily harsh climates and gifts human consumers with a similar ability to withstand environmental stress. The herb is native to frigid climes like Scandinavia, where Viking warriors consumed it to boost their stamina, and Siberia, where brides once wore rhodiola sprigs to ensure their fertility. Rhodiola deftly promotes mental calm and clarity.

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