4 Ways Herbal Supplements Benefit Pet Health

4 Ways Herbal Supplements Benefit Pet Health

Herbal supplements can help support and maintain your health and wellness. Natural herbal solutions for pets can do the same for Fido and Fluffy.

Liquid Herbal Supplement Advantages

Try dropping liquid herbal supplements for pets directly into the animal’s mouth. Many dogs and cats like the taste so much they eagerly swallow it. Some pets require disguising of the taste, so you can add the liquid supplement to food. Our 100-percent alcohol-free herbal supplements consist simply of herbs, water, and glycerin. There are no artificial flavorings or additives.

Liquid herbal supplements are especially useful for felines, as many cats will not eat the treat-like supplements canines so eagerly chow down.

Always consult your veterinarian before giving your pet herbal supplements.

Calming Properties

Some pets are calm and easy-going by nature. Others, not so much. If your pet seems stressed or anxious or gets overexcited constantly, Calm Down! by Cedar Bear can help. Even usually laid-back dogs can freak out during thunderstorms or fireworks on the Fourth of July. That’s one reason all pet owners should keep Calm Down! on hand. You never know when you may need it, and it could make a world of difference to your frightened pet.

Not only does Calm Down! help quiet an anxious pet, but it can also help a young, high-energy animal focus more on the task at hand.

Calm Down! consists of lavender, passionflower, chamomile, skullcap herb, hops strobile, and valerian. The relaxing properties of these soothing herbs are well-documented.

Joint Issues

As pets age, getting up and down the stairs, jumping onto the bed, and just getting up from a prone position becomes much harder.

Pets Joyful Joints  is a liquid herbal supplement containing alfalfa, cornsilk, stinging nettle, devil’s claw, horsetail herb, fenugreek, yucca, and black walnut. This proprietary combination can ease discomfort and support joint health. You might see a spring in your pet’s step that hasn’t been there for a while.  

Skin and Coat Health

Your pet’s outer coat reflects his inner health. Cedar Bear’s Coat Care  aids your pet’s digestive system and metabolism, and the result is reflected in healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Coat Care features burdock, dandelion, sarsaparilla, beetroot, calendula, Oregon grape root, anise, and lemon peel. Together, they offer liver, blood, and digestive support. The end result is a happy, healthy pet with a glossy coat.

Intestinal Health

While you pride yourself on providing your pets with the healthiest diet possible, no diet can prevent a pet from eating something it shouldn’t. That ranges from cats consuming rodents or birds to dogs swiftly gulping down some nasty item found during your walks. Protect your pet’s intestinal health with Intestinal Cleanse

Intestinal Cleanse helps maintain gut health and promotes good intestinal flora. This herbal solution includes black walnut, orange peel, lavender, pennyroyal, clove, gentian, wormwood, and tansy to gently neutralize and clear their intestinal tract.