3 Herbal Supplements with Energizing Properties

3 Herbal Supplements with Energizing Properties

Our energy levels fluctuate in the course of any given day. Unfortunately, the demands of the day rarely make a siesta possible. In addition, we all experience periods when life’s challenges spike, making temporary demands on our stamina, both mental and physical. Natural herbal supplements with energizing properties can help boost our brain power and promote stamina.  The three discussed here are a sampling of what is available in our online natural herbal supplement store, in such blends as Ginseng Vitality; Energy and Stamina; and Brain Booster.

1. Ashwagandha

Not surprisingly, many herbs for energy are adaptogens, boosting our resistance to stress. Arguably one of the most valued adaptogens, ashwagandha has been a staple of herbalist for 3,000 years. Its name is Sanskrit for “horse smell.” To some noses, the root of this evergreen shrub does indeed have an equine smell. But many herbalists believe the plant got its name because its ingestion confers the “strength of a horse”.

Ashwagandha root contains compounds that maximize oxygen intake during physical exercise, while calming the brain to ease distractions that interfere with optimal mental and physical performance. Ranking high on the list of herbal supplements for women, ashwagandha not only promotes female (and male) libido, but also supports breast and bone health.

2. Eleuthero

Eleuthero is another energizing adaptogen with millennia of history, especially in China. Native to Northeastern Asia, the root of this woody shrub is packed with well-established health benefits. They promote stamina and mental focus by increasing blood flow to brain and muscles. 

Ironically, this invigorating herb also has sedating properties, which promote natural sleep rhythm essential to summoning sufficient energy for the waking day.

3. Yerba Mate

Fans of this South American herb claim that its leaves are more effective than coffee in boosting energy, while offering more health benefits. This relative of holly contains caffeine, but rarely triggers the jitters. In fact, yerba mate tea can have a soothing effect, not least of all on the stomach, perhaps because its acidity level is far less than that of coffee.

Yerba mate’s effectiveness as an energizing herb may trace back to its rich antioxidant content to boost metabolism, improve focus and support immune health. 

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