Ginseng Root (Asian Ginseng)

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Enhances Physical & Mental Vitality

If you want to strengthen your health and vitality, Ginseng is the herb for you! Ginseng, the English name given to this herb, comes from the Chinese term rénshēn, which means “man herb” because the ginseng root resembles the two legs of a human. Ginseng’s botanical Latin name, Panax, means “cure all” in Greek. 

The root of Asian Ginseng has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for many hundreds, even thousands of years, to restore vitality, energy, and strength. In ancient China, Ginseng was revered as an almost magical, divine herb. In fact, anciently, Ginseng was reserved only for royalty, (you know, that divine thing), and back then regular folks like us risked their lives if they were caught using it!

Thankfully, today we can all experience the rejuvenating and vitalizing benefits of Asian Ginseng without the risk of losing our heads! 

Cedar Bear’s TincTract of Asian Ginseng Root will help you enjoy strengthened, rejuvenated health like the royalty of ancient China.

In TCM Asian Ginseng is used when there is low Qi, (vital life-force energy), coldness in the body, and a yang deficiency (our male-like energies), which can show up as general fatigue and exhaustion.

Cedar Bear’s TincTract of Asian Ginseng Root will help you enjoy strengthened, rejuvenated health like the royalty of ancient China. Asian Ginseng invigorates the body and is considered a strong adaptogen that helps improve sexual function, strengthens sexual vigor, and boosts physical stamina, benefitting athletic performance. Asian Ginseng not only benefits your overall health, but it also helps improve your mental functions of concentration and clear thinking. Asian Ginseng both stimulates and relaxes your nervous system and helps your body deal with stress. It is also supports healthy endocrine system function, immune function, and healthy blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

It’s not just the herb that makes Asian Ginseng so effective at rejuvenating and strengthening your physical and mental vitality. Asian Ginseng Root single herb by Cedar Bear® is made with Cedar Bear’s special proprietary process called the TincTract®. It’s more than a tincture, and more than an extract, and works better than either! Cedar Bear’s alcohol-free TincTract process makes the herbs both bio-available and bio-utilizable, so every drop goes right to work supporting your health and well-being. Best of all, the TincTract process not only makes herbs work better, but they taste better, too! 

Like all Cedar Bear herbs, Asian Ginseng Root is totally alcohol-free. It has only three things in it, the herb, glycerin, and water. Nothing else!

Ginseng’s benefits are cumulative, so you’ll have the best results when you use it regularly for several weeks at a time.

Rejuvenate your health and enjoy greater physical and mental vitality with Cedar Bear’s great tasting, alcohol-free liquid TincTract of Asian Ginseng.

INGREDIENTS: Ginseng Root, Asian (Panax ginseng)

OTHER INGREDIENTS: USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water.

NOTE: Do not use while pregnant. Consult your healthcare provider before use if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.

SUGGESTED USE: 1/8 tsp (.63 mL) 1 to 3 times a day, or as needed. Shake well. 

BODY SYSTEM: Endocrine System 

SUPPORTS: General Health

ACTION: Building

Asian Ginseng is in this Cedar Bear Formula:

Ginseng Vitality

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