Wholesale Herbs

Cedar Bear uses whole herbs to create the best herbal supplements available. By using Whole Herbs, Cedar Bear supplements contain all the nutrition the plant has to offer. We use our whole herb method, instead of breaking the plant down into fragments to obtain just one nutrient like large scale manufactures. This creates balanced supplements with multiple benefits, so you receive a complete supplement. Our supplements are available for wholesale with bulk pricing discounts.

Wholesale Herbal Supplements

Cedar Bear manufactures liquid herbal supplements that are ready for resale. We use attractive glass packaging, and every product has the full ingredients listed so that consumers are not left in the dark. You can choose from one of our wholesale packages, that come with a variety of supplements and a guide to their use, or you can browse our catalog to find the best supplements for your business. Your customers and clients will be able to immediately recognize the quality of our supplements, and make you their preferred source for natural supplements. To retail our products, contact us here: https://www.cedarbear.com/pages/how-to-order.

Amazing Variety

Our online store has a huge variety of herbal supplements. We sell single herbs, so that you can mix and match as you like, or our herbal blends, which we have designed to quickly target nutritional deficiencies to support your body. We even have herbal supplements designed for pets, to improve the quality and shine of their skin and coats, or help them digest their food and ward off common parasites. We use the finest quality herbs, spices, and botanicals to create balanced supplements that encourage optimal health.


We use a wide range of botanical ingredients so that you can find a balanced formula that supports total body health. Additionally, Cedar Bear’s advanced production methods utilize the best part of the plant for the best results. A leaf and a stem from the same plant can have different properties, and Cedar Bear knows which piece will benefit you most. Our supplements are made with botanical ingredients to give your health a natural boost.


Cedar Bear supplements use ancient herbs that had been used for generations. You can find supplement formulas made with We have blended these herbs into gentle supplements, suitable for daily use.

Superior Quality

Our liquid supplements are manufactured in our own Utah based facility, and go through multiple rounds of quality control. We are an FDA certified facility, and comply with GMP standards. The quality of Cedar Bear supplements are unmatched by any other liquid supplements.


Cedar Bear sources our herbs from growers around the country. We use the freshest herbs in our supplements, and the nutrients are perfectly preserved in our tinctures. We frequently rotate stock so our clients are never purchasing supplements that have been left on the shelf. Cedar Bear supplements contain the freshest herbs.

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Shop herbal supplements in our online store. For wholesale and bulk ordering, contact us here: https://www.cedarbear.com/pages/how-to-order.