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Liqiud Herbal Supplements in Utah

The team at Cedar Bear didn’t have to look far for the inspiration needed to create all natural supplements. Utah’s vast forests, mountain ranges, plains, and deserts are home to a multitude of edible and medicinal plants. These plants contain nutrients and immune boosting qualities that provide our bodies with tools for natural healing and rejuvenation. Some of the best herbal ingredients can be found right here in Utah, and Cedar Bear has incorporated them into our herbal extract formulas.

Check out the below guide for more information about a few of our favorite Utah herbs that grow wild throughout the state.

Wild Medicinal Herbs Native to Utah

Yucca Root

Yucca is a desert plant that grows in dense, spikey, shrubs. Its roots reach deep into the ground, and grow to be hefty and thick enough to soak up moisture before it can be evaporated by the scorching mid-day sun. Yucca can be harvested from the red deserts of Southern Utah.

Yucca Root Supplements

Yucca Root cleanses the body, providing a supplement that works from the inside to spread the benefits outward. Its cleansing powers can be used to better digestion and promote glowing skin. Take advantage of Yucca Root by using our Yucca Root extract.


Astragalus is part of the legume family, which gives it a flavor similar to peas. Like peas, Astragalus grows seed pods. It can be found growing in the southwestern corner of Utah, where it thrives in the warm climate, unaffected by snow and frost.

Astragalus Root Supplements

The root of the Astragalus plant is the most valuable portion for creating supplements and herbal remedies. The root is used by the body to support vitality and the immune system. Take advantage of Astragalus Root’s immune boosting properties by using Cedar Bear’s Respiratory and Immune Support or Immune & Seasonal Support blends.


Elderberry bushes can be found growing at the base of the wooded hills and mountains of Utah. The shrubs grow in clusters surrounding freshwater streams and in sunny meadows surrounded by fir or pine trees. The brightly colored berries provide a beautiful splash of color amongst the mellow greenery.

Elderberry Supplements

Elderberry is rich with antioxidants, which help strengthen the immune system. Elderberry is also helpful for supporting respiratory health. We use Elderberry in our Daily Antioxidants and Wild Cherry Respiratory herbal blends.


Burdock grows at the base of Utah foothills, where mountain water runoff creates moist and fertile soil. Burdock grows like a tall weed, with barbed seeds and spiky purple flowers. The roots are extremely long and numerous, anchoring the plant deep into the ground.

Burdock Root Supplements

We use Burdock root in our supplements, as it is the most potent part of the plant. The root provides support for the body’s detox process, which can help purify your blood. We use Burdock root in many of our cleansing supplements, with our most popular formulas being our Herbal Detox and Herbal Blood Builder blends.


The hardy Raspberry plant grows in Utah’s mountainous regions. The bush can withstand the cold and brutal winters, and still come alive again with fresh fruit during the hot summer months. Raspberry bushes triumph over harsh growing conditions and thrive in climates too intense for many other fruits.

Raspberry Leaf Supplements

Raspberries are delicious and contain a hefty amount of vitamin C, but the plant has more to offer than just a nutritious treat. Raspberry leaf is a wonderful herbal supplement for women. The leaves support the female body in a variety of ways, from balancing hormones to strengthening the womb. We use Raspberry leaf in our Women’s Support Daily, Nursing Mother’s Support, and Daily Herbals blends.

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