Where to Buy Herbs in Bulk

You can purchase herbs in bulk from Cedar Bear™. Our company specializes in designing and producing stunning liquid herbal supplements, made from high quality herbs.

Many people order herbs in bulk intending to launch their own line of natural diet supplements, and often become frustrated by how difficult it can be to keep product fresh and balanced while waiting to attract customers. If you would like to avoid this struggle, you can begin by retailing supplements that already have a great reputation. Our herbal tinctures are widely known for being an incredibly unique product in today’s supplement market. Most herbal supplements are pills or teas. No other supplements can offer the benefits that Cedar Bear’s liquid supplements can provide. Browse our selection of ready to sell supplements here: https://www.cedarbear.com/collections/all.

Bulk Herbs Wholesale

Cedar Bear can supply your business with herbs that are ready for retail. The outstanding quality of our herbs will keep your clients coming back to your shop and build you a loyal customer base. Our herbal tinctures are also available for wholesale, and you can receive discounts for ordering in bulk. Our clients find our supplements easy to use and helpful for balancing the body. Give you clients what they want by selling Cedar Bear product.

Bulk Herbal Supplements

Herbs being used to support the body must be 100% alcohol free and of the highest quality. The same herbs used in Cedar Bear’s herbal tinctures are often used in herbal traditions throughout the world. Because we use the same herbs to create our own supplement formulas, we know how to properly handle and care for your herbs, to ensure they arrive safely at your door, unpolluted by adulterants.

We have all the herbs you need to supply your herbal venture. Our product selection is huge, ranging from simple herbs like chamomile, to exotic plants like Maca Root. Call one of our team members at 1-888-854-3727 for more details on our stock of herbs.

Private Label Natural Health Products

We also offer private label manufacturing in our lab, so we can process your herbs for you. Cedar Bear has been creating quality supplements for over 35 years, and we have techniques and manufacturing processes that can’t be used outside of our lab. Our team can create your supplement using the ingredients you select, to get the perfect blend or formula every time. With private label, your product is ready to be sold as soon as you receive, and you can get your line straight to market without wasting any time.

Using subpar manufacturing techniques or failing to meet FDA standards for your supplements and home remedies will result in supplements that are not viable for your business. Cedar Bear’s facilities are FDA registered and cGMP compliant for your assurance. We also use third party quality control agencies to make sure our company’s standards are always being met. Partner with Cedar Bear to create your own supplements that are ready to sell to clients, without any mix ups or debacles.

Contact Us to Order

If you would like to speak with one of our team members about supplying your business with bulk herbs, please contact us using this tool: https://www.cedarbear.com/pages/how-to-order. You may also call us at 1-888-854-3727 for more information. One of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.