What Kind of Iodine Supplement Should I Take?

Many people are looking for an iodine supplement that tastes great and uses no preservatives. We recommend Xodine™ as your choice in an iodine supplement. Xodine™, from Cedar Bear™ is:

  • 100% alcohol-free
  • Tastes great
  • Uses no preservatives
  • Manufactured right here in the United States

If you are familiar with Cedar Bear’s liquid herbal blends, you should also try our Xodine™ supplement to support your health.

Why Choose Xodine™ As an Iodine Supplement

Xodine™ can help support your body’s thyroid gland, the immune system, and metabolism. It can also help support breast and thyroid health, as well as the endocrine system. There are other types of iodine supplements, like Lugol’s solution. Iodine is also not naturally found in the body and is only available in certain types of foods, like seaweed and saltwater fish. Xodine™ is also a great choice for a liquid iodine supplement because it is backed by Cedar Bear’s service, reliability, and integrity. As with all of our supplements, we use no alcohol or preservatives. Glycerin is the main ingredient in our Xodine™ supplement.

What Makes Xodine™ Different From Other Iodine Supplements?

The Pureodine™ process makes Xodine™ different from other iodine supplements on the marketplace. Cedar Bear™ only uses natural ingredients in all of its products. Nothing is added or taken away during manufacturing. All of our products are manufactured right here in the United States.

Xodine™ is Kosher certified, Halal dietary compliant, and vegan compliant. It also is in line with cGMP inspection standards. Xodine™ is one of the few liquid iodine supplements on the market that is in line with these high standards.

What Type of Iodine Supplement Should I Private Label?

Xodine™ is one of the most popular products out there for business owners looking to carry a unique iodine supplement. We can private label our brand for your business, help you with an idea that you would like to bring to market, or even work with you to let you sell Xodine™ in your store or on your website. Cedar Bear™ has been selling the best iodine supplement for 30+ years and you will love bringing this brand to your customers.


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