What is Iodine Used for in the Body?

Iodine is a very important mineral that we get from our food. Since our bodies cannot produce this mineral like others, it is important that you get enough from your diet and through supplementation to keep your body healthy. When you cannot find enough iodine in the foods that you are eating, consider an iodine supplement.

Cedar Bear is proud to offer Xodine, a liquid nascent iodine supplement. Cedar Bear has over 35 years of experience in providing high quality supplements to people seeking natural ways to give their body the additional support that they need. If you are low on iodine, Xodine can help. Here’s a look at iodine’s role in the body, why it’s so important, and how you can make sure that you get enough with Cedar Bear Xodine.

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Iodine is Essential


Everybody needs iodine. The thyroid gland uses iodine to make thyroid hormones that are used throughout the body to regulate metabolism, or the conversion of food into energy. If your thyroid is getting the iodine that it needs, it can run smoothly for normal hormone production and thus a normal metabolism. However when the balance is disturbed, adverse effects ranging anywhere from fatigue to thyroid cancer may occur.

When a person does not consume enough iodine, their thyroid gland must work much harder to produce thyroid hormone, resulting in an overactive thyroid. This causes inflammation and irritation, shown on the body as a goiter or an enlarged thyroid gland. Since the thyroid is located at the base of the neck, when it gets inflamed, it is easily spotted as a goiter, or a swollen lump on the base of the neck. Iodine deficiency is also correlated with hypothyroidism and the effects of the condition. A person that is not producing enough thyroid hormone levels is considered to have hypothyroidism. This condition can cause fatigue and weight gain due to a change in the body's metabolism, as well as goiter.

Iodine is especially important for developing bones and healthy nervous system tissues of a fetus, and continued growth outside of the womb in infants. Pregnant women experiencing iodine deficiency cannot give their child the iodine that they need, which has the possibility of causing physical and mental developmental problems for the child. This also goes for breastfeeding mothers, as newborn babies rely on breast milk, for all of the nutrients that they need, and this includes iodine.

Elemental Iodine can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, radioactive iodine treatment or radioactive iodine therapy may be beneficial in cases of a radiation emergency. If you are facing radiation exposure, radioactive iodine may be absorbed into the thyroid cells which can cause a variety of negative effects including thyroid function issues. Potassium iodide is a supplement that is very beneficial in blocking out radioactive iodine from entering the thyroid tissue.  In addition, povidone iodine is used to help disinfect skin before surgeries or cosmetic procedures in the united states, it may also be used for wound healing. Iodine has a variety of medical uses outside of the health and thyroid boost that supplemental iodine gives.

Where Iodine is Found


Iodine is found commonly in many different foods, some in higher quantities than others. It is a natural mineral, found in both the earth’s soil and oceans. Mountainous regions around the world are less likely to have iodine rich soils, and thus the people that rely on the foods produced there will be getting small amounts of iodine in comparison to those eating crops from iodine rich areas. Foods from the sea like seaweed and fish (especially tuna and cod) are rich in iodine, and adding more of these foods to your diet is a good way to increase your intake. Seaweed in particular is one of the most iodine rich foods that you can eat. Depending on the seaweed and its source, of course, it can contain up to five times your daily recommended iodine intake or more. Dairy products are also a likely source of iodine, as well as other enriched foods like breads, and table salt.

If you are worried that you are not getting enough iodine, make sure to increase your consumption of these foods, and make the swap to iodized table salt. Iodine is commonly added to table salt because of increased awareness of iodine deficiency and its dangers. It is estimated that around 70 percent of households around the globe have regular access to iodized table salt, but unfortunately, many people are still at a large risk for deficiency.

Iodine Supplements


If dietary restrictions prevent you from getting the iodine you need, a dietary supplement might be the only way to get enough iodine. Because iodine is so important, getting enough of it has become easier with the introduction of iodine supplements. They come in many different forms: liquids, tablets, capsules, and salts. While all of these can give your body more iodine, liquids are much more effective. Similarly, pure iodine that is not paired with salts or other minerals are more effective than those bound to potassium (Lugol’s iodine) or sodium (Iosol Iodine). Cedar Bear uses only pure iodine in Xodine, and it is never bound to other minerals. The only things that go into Xodine are pure deep sourced iodine, high quality Kosher certified glycerin, and purified water. This creates a high quality, highly potent liquid iodine supplement that your body can easily start digesting just as soon as it comes in contact with the soft tissues of your mouth and digestive tract.

Xodine is a Nascent iodine, meaning that it is a form of iodine that keeps its charge (energy). It only begins to lose that energy once dispersed in water prior to consumption. This means that you can reap the benefits of charged iodine that will continue to slowly lose its charge over several hours.

To use Xodine, all you need to do is put 6 drops of Xodine into a glass of purified or distilled water, and drink. A single dose of Xodine contains 2694 micrograms of iodine, providing your body with plenty of iodine to use in the thyroid and other parts of the body.

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