What Are the Best Cedar Bear Liquid Supplements to Sell Online?

Selling supplements online is a great way to stay ahead of the growing trend. Consumers worldwide demand reliable, great-tasting herbal supplement. Small to medium-sized businesses who want to establish their brand and attract new customers should consider a private label partnership with Cedar Bear. We will design and customize your labels so that customers will know where to return when they fall in love with your liquid herbal supplements.

Launching an online, private label liquid supplement doesn't need to be difficult. Cedar Bear's exceptional customer service team makes every partnership easy and stress-free. We believe that the most important part of any private label product is the quality. For the last 30 years, we have perfected our proprietary TincTract process. We use glycerin instead of alcohol to extract liquid herbal concentrates. Glycerin allows each herb to retain its primary, secondary, and tertiary compounds, meaning that glycerin-based concentrates are fresh tasting and effective.

The best Cedar Bear supplements to sell online are the ones that match your brand and target audience. Many of our products contain adaptogens, or naturally occurring substances that support the body's ability to combat stress and fatigue. Check out our website to see our variety of blends and herbal singles. We also offer products for pets and adults! Call (888) 854-3727 to speak with us about a private label partnership.

Sell Herbal Supplements That Match Your Business

Our private label products are offered in massage parlors, spas, coffee shops, boutiques, gyms and more! In order to decide which is the best Cedar Bear® liquid supplement would be best for you, consider your customers' needs. Our Calming Chamomile blend may be perfect for those looking for a relaxing herbal supplement to complement their visit to the spa. Gym-goers may prefer our Endurance & Metabolism Support that includes healthy ingredients such as astragalus root and ginkgo leaf. Customers who buy coffee at your store may be interested in Cedar Bear Ginseng Vitality blend. Our website includes more information about all of our blends, and our private label partnership program allows businesses to customize and create the perfect product for their customers.

If you are unsure about what to offer your customers, take a look at our website or call  to talk with a representative about private label branding. Businesses who offer exclusive herbal supplements will attract new customers and increase loyalty with existing ones. Private label products give businesses more control over their pricing and, in turn, their profits. As the sole carrier of a specific herbal supplement, our private label partners can modify and adjust any product based on consumer response. 

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Cedar Bear proudly creates herbal supplements that deliver real results. Our TincTracts can be added to food, water, or directly into the mouth. What you put into your body matters, and avoiding synthetic ingredients will better support your body's vital functions. Call Cedar Bear for more information on the best herbal supplements to sell online.