Wellness and Calmness for Your Pets

The endocrine system is responsible for regulating mood, growth, sexual function, metabolism and sleep. For centuries, humans have used ingredients such as lavender, passion flower leaf, and chamomile to reduce mild anxiety and occasional sleeplessness. Herbs are gentle on the body, and they don’t contain many of the harsh ingredients found in pharmaceuticals. Cedar Bear now offers a new line of herbal supplements that provide pets with supplements that promote good health.

For years, Cedar Bear has researched and manufactured herbal supplements. We are committed to promoting health in pets, individuals, and communities. Our team of experts researches and manufactures liquid concentrate herbal supplements. Our founder, L. Carl Robinson, developed a way to extract herbal compounds with glycerin instead of alcohol. This allows the plant to maintain its original compounds while we process it into liquid form, resulting in a supplement that tastes great and is long-lasting. Plus, glycerin-based products have a longer shelf life!

Best Products For Your Pets

Sometimes pets suffer from mild anxiety due to thyroid and digestive issues. Herbal supplements are a great way to boost their natural processes and promote overall health. Since our herbal supplements are liquid concentrates, only a small amount is needed to create positive results. We recommend using ⅛ teaspoon for pets from 8-15 lbs. and ¼ teaspoon for pets that weigh between 15-75 lbs. All formulas can be administered orally or mixed with food or water. Read below for information on products that reduce temporary anxiety in your pets.

Pets Now!™ Calm Down

This TincTract calms nerves and reduces temporary anxiety. With ingredients such as English lavender flower, passionflower leaf, and chamomile flower, this TincTract will boost your pets’ natural ability to treat mild depression and restlessness. Chamomile has been used in teas throughout history to help with sleep, and lavender oil is believed to have soothing properties. Promote health in your furry friends with this exclusive TincTract.

Pets Now!™ Daily Needs

This is the one-stop-shop of herbal pet supplements. By harnessing the power of each herbal ingredient, this herbal supplement boosts immune and digestive systems. Your pets deserve nature’s best, and by extracting natural compounds with glycerin, we have created a product that is fast-acting and great-tasting.

Grow Your Business With Private Label Herbal Supplements

Cedar Bear provides businesses with customized bottles and labels so that they can stock their inventory with unique products that their customers will love. Private label herbal supplements will attract new customers and expand your brand. contact us today to get started!