Valerian Root

Native to the continents of Europe and Asia it is also found in North America. Since it’s naturalization in the United States it’s been used for a variety of reasons. The valerian root was originally seen being used in ancient Greece and Rome, even being thoroughly discussed by the father of medicine Hippocrates in his teachings.

The notorious ancient physician and medical researcher from the 2nd century, Galen, recommended the herb for people who needed help maintaining calm in their body. Fast-forward to the 16th century and you’ll see Valerian root being more widely used. Valerian root was also used widely by soldiers during air raids in Britain during World War II.

Valerian Root Benefits

Valerian root can help the body support many of its natural functions. Many people deal with temporary anxiety or stress. This supplement can help the body regulate calmness. Valerian root also helps the body support its digestive system. Overall, this great tasting liquid herbal supplement from Cedar Bear™ can make a great part of your daily regimen. Valerian root can also help support the body’s circulatory system and the natural menstruation cycle.

The Benefits of Using Cedar Bear’s Valerian Root Herbal Single

Valerian root, like our other herbal singles and formulas, has many benefits over other supplements. We use glycerin in our herbs so that you never have to worry about tinctures that are made with alcohol. Also, our products are easy to use. You don’t have to prepare the herb. Also, our formulas taste great. We were the first to bring alcohol-free herbal singles to the market. Valerian root is also available in pill and powder form. However, these don’t have a great flavor and powder forms also require some sort of preparation before use.

Valerian root from Cedar Bear™ is a great way to help the body with temporary or mild anxiety. It can also be used to help people in menopause deal with the natural changes that are occurring in their body.

Ask About Our Private Labeling and Wholesale Programs

If you are a business owner, Cedar Bear™ can help you sell your own valerian root supplement. We can easily private label our product, tweak our formula for your own use or even get your products to sell in your store or on your website. Cedar Bear™ has been delivering high quality liquid herbal supplements to the marketplace for decades and all of our products are manufactured right here in Utah.

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