Turmeric Root

Turmeric has been used in Asia for thousands of years. It is an intrinsic part of both Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal traditions. It was first incorporated as a dye. Later, it developed into a commonly used herb in the traditions of both cultures. Its exact origins are not known, but it was first cultivated in Southeast Asia. It is cultivated in Southeast Asia, Oceania and some countries in West Africa. By and far, the world’s largest producer and exporter of turmeric is India. It is in the same family as ginger.

Turmeric Root Traditional Uses and Benefits

In Indian herbal traditions, turmeric has been used to support the digestive system, immune system, and liver. Topically, it was often used to cleanse wounds and treat skin sores. Turmeric root can also be used to support the body’s overall skin health. Turmeric root, from Cedar Bear™, can:

  • Support healthy cellular activity within the body.
  • Stimulate immune function.
  • Help regulate the digestive system and liver.

Turmeric root can also help support the body as a person grows older. Over time, turmeric root can support the functioning of the brain and also help support the body ’s connective tissues.

Turmeric root has also been used in culinary practices. It is commonly used in South Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. Iranian khoresh dishes are started with turmeric oil and caramelized onions. In South Africa, turmeric root is often used to make white rice have golden brown dishes.

The Benefits of Using Turmeric Root From Cedar Bear™

Cedar Bear™ provides one of the best turmeric root herbal supplements on the market. Available as a liquid herbal single and used in our other formulas, we use our TincTract® process to make sure that our supplements taste great. We never use alcohol in our supplements and use glycerin. Also, all of our supplements are manufactured right here in the United States.

Ask About Our Private Label and Wholesale Opportunities

Cedar Bear™ also provides our turmeric root herbal single through our wholesale and resale programs. We can help businesses like yours develop their own turmeric root herbal single or formula. We can also provide you with our turmeric root supplement to sell on your website or in your store.