Taking an Iodine Supplement

If you are thinking about taking an iodine supplement, then Cedar Bear™ offers a great product for you. Our Xodine™ supplement is 100% alcohol-free and is manufactured right here in the United States. Cedar Bear™ customers prefer Xodine™ over other products because:

  • Xodine™ is Kosher certified, Halal dietary compliant, and vegan compliant.
  • All of our products are manufactured with FDA cGMP and HACCP compliance standards.
  • We never use alcohol or preservatives in our products, ever.
  • Xodine™ tastes great and never needs refrigerated.

Taking an Iodine Supplement

Since iodine is not naturally produced by the body, many people choose to take an iodine supplement. Xodine™, made with the Pureodine™ process from the Cedar Bear™ R & D team, can help:

  • Support the thyroid gland.
  • Help support the immune system and overall metabolism.
  • Support breast, prostrate, and endocrine system health.

Xodine™ is a highly stable nano-colloidal iodine that is not bound by mineral salts such as calcium or potassium. During the manufacturing process, nothing is added and nothing is taken away since Xodine™ does not use any alcohol or preservatives. All of our supplements have the natural ingredients fully intact and use vegetable glycerin. Cedar Bear™ makes it easy to take your iodine in a great tasting form.

Why Customers Choose Xodine™

Cedar Bear™ customers trust Xodine™ as their liquid iodine supplement. In addition to the service, reliability, and integrity that are known by Cedar Bear™ customers, people prefer the great taste of our iodine supplement over alcohol-based products offered by other manufacturers. All of our supplements are 100% alcohol-free and manufactured right here in the United States.

Private Label and Wholesale Opportunities

Are you looking for a great product that you can sell to your customers? Cedar Bear™ also offers Xodine™ through its wholesale and private label programs. You can easily private label our iodine supplement, work with us to bring a unique formula to market, or sell our product on your website or in your store. All of our products are manufactured here in the United States so you can pass this trust onto your customers.

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