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Natural herbs can help bring balance to the body. Today, we use the herbs and minerals found across the globe in many different forms to increase our well-being and support our health. Because of their natural properties, it is no wonder that the demand for quality herbal supplements hasn’t subsided, and shows no signs of going away. Private Label manufacturing with Cedar Bear Naturales products is a great way to get your business involved in the market-wide sale of high quality liquid herbal supplements in a market of sub-standard, unnatural, and often times unhealthy products.

Cedar Bear Naturales is an American company that processes hundreds of herbs and botanicals to create supplements that give support to everything in your body from your mind to your digestive system and throughout your body. No matter what type of herbal products you are looking for, partnering with us will get you exactly what you and your customers need. We have a unique proprietary trade secret process that makes quality, concentrated and tasty liquid supplements that your accounts and customers will love, and they will be able to tell the difference. Let’s take a closer look into our manufacturing process so you can be confident that you are putting your name on a product that you can be confident in and proud of.

The TincTract Process

Cedar Bear has revolutionized the way that herbal and botanical ingredients are extracted into concentrates. 35 years ago, our founder, L. Carl Robinson, set out to create an herbal processing method without alcohol while maintaining the herb’s effectiveness and flavor, a feat thought to have been impossible at the time. With hard work and expertise, Carl succeeded. Today, that method is known as TincTract™. It is a proprietary trade secret multi-step process that combines elements of a tincture and an extract. The extraction method uses a glycerite processing technology that is a multi-step process that starts with pure, raw materials. The steps include:

  1. Stabilizing the raw materials so it can be liquid processed.
  2. Low impact cold process.
  3. Process to extract heavy aromatic components and difficult to remove compounds including lipids, waxes and polysaccharides.
  4. Clarifying and concentrating process.

The multi-step process takes many days and in some instances even weeks, depending on the herb, to make a high-quality extract that is concentrated and tastes great and maintains the original ratio of nutrients and compounds in the raw herb. Other extraction methods not only use alcohol to produce a liquid product, but destroy many other nutrients found in the botanical to just target one main component to extract. Maintaining the many components and natural ratio of a botanical means that it will be more effective than a product that has isolated one aspect of an herb to the exclusion of others.

Quality Products for Your Brand

Instead of spending the time, money and hassle required to start your own liquid herbal supplement manufacturing facility and the huge FDA and FTC regulatory compliance load before you even start manufacturing and selling products, partner with us. We have private label and contract manufacturing services so you can use your brand name and your private label on our products. You can choose from our many stock of pre-existing supplements or supplement blends to easily begin selling as your own brand. We will bottle our products with your label brand, so you can have it on your accounts and customers shelves in no time. For businesses that are a little more ambitious, we will work with you to create a custom blend for your business to better suit the unique needs of your customers. We can also provide businesses with bulk ingredient extracts to use in their products, such as foods, beverages, confectionaries, topical-personal care products, etc.

We process hundreds of different herbs, but if we don’t have what you’re looking for, get in touch with us anyway. We are happy to look into the feasibility of processing an herb(s) using our proven and effective proprietary TincTract Process if it is available and sustainable.

All of our products that we manufacture are made with care and consistency here at Cedar Bear Naturales. What’s better? Along with being FDA cGMP inspected, they are even Kosher certified from start to finish. Your private label products can be too! For a small fee that includes all products sold under your private label manufactured by us, you can add “Kosher Certified” to your. If you want to have your product be Kosher certified, you will need to have an individual agreement with Scroll K. Our products are also vegan, gluten and soy free, and even Halal dietary standard compliant.

Contact Us

If you are looking for quality, concentrated, and great tasting liquid herbal supplements to private label for your business, look no further than Cedar Bear Naturales. We want to partner with you to deliver your accounts and customers only the best that nature has to offer. Give us a call at 888-854-3727 and ask us about our PLCM (Private Label/Contract Manufacture) program. You can also get in touch with us online and learn more about what we can offer your business, accounts and customers here.

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