Pure Herbs

Cedar Bear supplements are natural herbal extracts made with our own special TincTract® process. Because of our proprietary TincTract® process, our tinctures are not just extracts like the other herbal supplements available online or in store. Other manufacturers use alcohol as the main ingredient, which breaks down and eliminates nutrients, and leaves a foul taste. Our tinctures replace alcohol with glycerin, which works to preserve all the vital nutrients a good supplement is supposed to provide. They also have a subtle taste that makes the supplements easily blended into recipes or used on their own.

Think of it this way, vanilla extract smells amazing, but it doesn’t taste good straight as it is almost entirely alcohol. You shouldn’t have to endure a horrible tasting liquid supplement, or sacrifice ease of digestion by taking a tablet or capsule. Use Cedar Bear herbal formulas for an easily digested, pleasant, herbal supplement experience.

Popular Formulas

Cedar Bear has been producing quality herbal supplements for over 35 years. Our experience has lead us to the most effective and helpful formulas. We have supplements that support the immune system, cleanse your digestive tract, and promote health and wellbeing. Our most popular formulas include those designed to support a healthy metabolism, and a focuses mind.

Herbal Supplements For Metabolism Support

Our Metabolism Support Blend gives your body the nutrients it needs to jumpstart your metabolism. Nourishing your metabolism is often a step that is overlooked, and people focus too much on cutting calories and going to the gym. Unfortunately, cutting calories alone isn’t enough to lose weight if your metabolism is slow. Proper nutrition is essential to a healthy diet for weight loss. Learn more about our Metabolism Support Blend here: https://www.cedarbear.com/products/meta-boost.

Herbal Supplement for Supporting Brain Function

Many people turn to caffeine when they feel dreary, or sometimes even sugar when the afternoon lag hits. Caffeine often has side effects like lost sleep, or can cause you to feel jittery without actually helping you focus, and we all know increased consumption of sugar can lead to an immediate crash and unfortunate long term health problems. Instead of these ineffective methods, try the gentle mix of natural herbs found in Cedar Bear’s Brain Booster. Learn more here: https://www.cedarbear.com/products/brain-booster.

Wholesale Herbal Supplements

Cedar Bear supplements are packaged ready for resale by established businesses and natural health entrepreneurs alike. We don’t rely on the tiered, multi level, system that other herbal supplement distributors so often employ. Our products are designed to make an excellent addition to your stock, that will increase your revenue by increasing your customer base and loyalty. We offer a wide range of supplements that will attract a variety of customers to your business. At Cedar Bear, we focus on quality products, not on disingenuous sales tactics.

Shop Online!

Shop our entire collection. We have hundreds of supplements that have been perfectly blended to support many body functions. Unlike our competitors, with Cedar Bear you can view the entire ingredient list online. You can be sure you’re buying a quality product. Find the right supplement for you, from Cedar Bear.