Private Label Pet Supplements

Over the last four years, the pet supplement industry has seen considerable growth. Companies looking to expand into a new market are looking at how to provide customers with healthy supplements for their pets. Like humans, pets need vitamins and supplements to stay healthy, and Cedar Bear offers natural supplements that are great-tasting, convenient, and easy to use.

Over 35 years ago, our founder, L. Carl Robinson, developed a way to extract compounds from plants by using glycerin instead of alcohol. Glycerin is safer and more effective than alcohol. Glycerin allows herbs to keep their natural taste by retaining each herb’s primary, secondary and tertiary compounds. Cedar Bear pet products stay shelf stable for several years without refrigeration, and they are easy to use. Each supplement can be applied to your pet’s food, water, or directly into their mouth. Add ⅛ teaspoon for pets from 8-15 lbs and ¼ teaspoon for pets from 15-75 lbs. Cedar Bear Pets Now!™ supplements are for every pet except for horses. Visit our website today to order supplements your pets will love

How Pets Benefit From the Natural Power of Herbs

Herbs contain vitamins that your pet may be lacking. They contain ingredients that have been known to boost immune systems and provide energy and support for muscle groups. Pets Now!™ Joint & Muscle Support can enhance your pet's natural ability to recover after exercise and overexertion. Ingredients such as alfalfa leaf, stinging nettle leaf, and cornsilk are known to boost the natural function of your bones and joints.

Herbs are all-natural and, unlike some pharmaceuticals, they don’t contain harsh chemicals. Cedar Bear pet supplements will help provide pets with essential vitamins and minerals without harsh additives that might harm their bodies. Herbs are gentler on the body, and they support natural systems enough to help your pet feel better.

The Cedar Bear Difference

Companies looking to tap into an emerging market will love our Pets Now!™ line. We provide custom labels and packages to businesses who want to sell private label products and attract new customers. The researchers at Cedar Bear will work with you to create a supplement that your customers will love. Or, we can modify an existing blend to best match your business.

The pet supplement industry is growing, and Cedar Bear will put your business ahead of the trend. Private label pet supplements provide opportunities to offer new products to existing customers and introduce your brand to new customers. Including private label pet supplements is an easy way to differentiate your brand and add diversity to your business.

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Cedar Bear is committed to bringing healthy herbal supplements to businesses and individuals. Our high-quality ingredients taste great and provide real benefits. Check out our website for more information or to order today!

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