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Iodine is a trace mineral that is 'essential' to our health. It is found all over the world in our oceans, some soils and deep earth deposits. Some iodine may be found in the foods that we eat, but too often that’s just not enough to get us the amount of iodine that we need to stay healthy. Luckily, natural iodine supplements are available to help you get the right amount of iodine to keep your body functioning at its highest potential. The key is seeking out the proper kind of iodine supplement to meet daily dietary suppplement needs.

Cedar Bear® is a liquid herbal supplements manufacturer based in the state of Utah, U.S.A., that is dedicated to providing high quality liquid herbal supplements that are delicious and effective. Their iodine supplement called Cedar Bear® Iodine is a naturally produced liquid iodine supplement that can help you maintain healthy iodine levels. Here’s a look at Cedar Bear® Iodine, why it's so unique, and an explanation of the importance of iodine for our bodies.

Do we Need Iodine?

Iodine cannot be manufactured by the body like other nutrients can be. Instead, all of our iodine comes directly from what we consume. As mentioned before, it can be found naturally in the oceans, some soils and trapped in deep earth encasements. Seaweed, for example, comes from the ocean and is very high in iodine, as are many ocean fish, and shellfish. Crops grown in areas with higher iodine concentration in the soil will absorb that iodine and transfer it to its consumer. The deep earth trapped sources of iodine, such as Cedar Bear® uses for its iodine product, is unique in that it has been sealed and protected for eons from surface contaminants and pollutants.

As awareness for iodine deficiency has spread, iodized salt and iodine supplemented foods have begun to make a comeback in some countries. Sadly, not in America though. However the problem with iodized salt is if it is left on a shelf and not used for too long a time the iodine will liberate thus making the formerly iodized salt a poor source of iodine.

Areas like Russia, western Africa and parts of America are highly deficient in iodine. The American Thyroid Association claims that approximately 40 percent of the population of the world is at risk for serious iodine deficiency, even after increased awareness and preventative efforts, and that doesn't even take into account the insidious population-wide presence of borderline iodine deficiency.

Iodine Deficiency

Iodine is used in the body by the thyroid glands and all other tissues throughout the body. However, the thyroid glands trap the highest amount of iodine in the body compared to all other sites in the body. The thyroid uses iodine to support the production of hormones that send signals to the different parts of our bodies to keep things running. Hormones are often associated with reproduction, but their function is found everywhere in the body. They keep your heart beating, your lungs breathing, and even your hair growing. Without the right amount of thyroid hormone, you could face hypothyroidism, weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, and any number of immune related problems.

More severe deficiencies can be incredibly problematic. Without iodine, your thyroid glands must work much harder to produce hormones, causing it to become irritated and inflamed, a condition known as goiter, and if serious enough the thyroid simply is not able to produce hormones.

Benefits of Cedar Bear® Iodine

Cedar Bear® Iodine gives your body the extra iodine that it needs to potentially help maintain healthy iodine levels.

Cedar Bear® Iodine is in liquid form. It is a highly stable mono element nano-pico colloidal triiodide of iodine. This means that it is not bound to reduced mineral salts or other minerals that have been shown to inhibit the body’s uptake and absorption of the iodine (called the "Wolff-Chaikoff Effect").

Our unique liquid iodine formula was the first ever of its kind in the industry, is easily utilized by the body, and gives the thyroid and body's cells extra support quickly and efficiently. Cedar Bear® Iodine can begin to be absorbed by the body on contact with soft tissues, and makes its way through the body and to the thyroid much quicker than supplements in tablet or capsule form.

The Cedar Bear® Difference

Unlike other nascent iodines, Cedar Bear® Iodine is alcohol-free and gas-free. It is also Kosher certified and Halal compliant, and it’s always gluten, soy, and dairy free, giving you only the best that earth has to offer. We source our iodine from deep inside the earth and process it using our proprietary Purodine™ processing method.

Other forms of iodine are bound to reduced mineral salts, like sodium or potassium (i.e. Iosol iodine and Lugol’s iodine respectively). These minerals can get in the way of your body’s absorption of the iodine and prevent the amazing benefits that iodine can have for you. The iodine blocking action into the thyroid and tissues of the body by reduced mineral salts of iodides is now well studied and elucidated. It is called the "Wolff-Chaikoff Effect." And, this phenomenon also explains why such high doses of reduced mineral salt of iodides is often recommended, especially by the Iodine Doctors, for tissue iodine loading purposes and daily iodide intake. 

Cedar Bear® Iodine is not bound to any reduced mineral salts. The only solvent it is pared with is glycerin in the Pureodine™ manufacturing process. This gives our nascent iodine a much higher absorption rate for the body requiring much smaller daily doses, and kour process for making our liquid iodine even makes it taste much better than other iodine supplements.

Directions for Use

Cedar Bear® Iodine can be used as a daily supplement by putting six dropsinto a glass of distilled or purified water and drinking. The iodine will absorb into your body quickly and begin circulating through your bloodstream, helping to give your thyroid and your cells the iodine that they need within minutes. Xodine is gentle on the digestive system when used as directed.

If you are unsure if Cedar Bear® Iodine is right for you, consult with your physician. Similarly, if you are taking medication, or have thyroid or cardiovascular problems, make sure to talk with your physician before starting Cedar Bear® Iodine or any iodine or herbal supplementation.

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Cedar Bear® is dedicated to providing people who care about their health with the best nature has to offer in the form of quality natural herbal supplements. You can order Cedar Bear® Iodine online today to start seeing the benefits that iodine could have for you.

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